Wednesday, January 28, 2009

I still can't get enough vintage style.....part 1 the bedroom...

I forever struggle with trying to define my own personal style. I try to follow the rules with one but then add something completely different to the look. I guess you could say I'm more of an eclectic kind of gal, but one element will forever remain in my interiors and thats my love of all things vintage.
I gave myself a break from flea market shopping these holidays as my home is simply busting at the seams, but I feel the pulling sensation to get back out there and start rummaging again so I know I will cave very soon lol.
I have however decided to de-clutter alot of my "pretty things" and create something a little more industrial. One of my favourite books in my collection is called Found Style by David and Amy Bulter. If you have a passion for all things vintage and recycled but without too much of the the feminine aspect then this book is for you!
Don't get me wrong I'm still a girly girl and regularly read my Austen novels but I just think I'm going to minimalise my "granny items" and go for a more boho feminine chic look this year.
Does this happen to you? Each year do your tastes change and you feel like you want to rip it all out and start fresh? God help me this could become a costly obsession LOL ;)

(all photos via house to home)

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

I'm back.......kinda sorta :)

Hellllllllllooooooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!! *group hugs* How is everyone?! I have missed you all so much!

I took a little more time off my blog than I had originally planned but I guess I needed to. It's been a really hot summer and the kids and I have been keeping ourselves quite entertained. Back and forth to the lake house, family reunions, visiting old friends, catching up on all the latest movies and basically enjoying the non routine way of life the summer break brings.

So I gotta know, who has read the Twilight series?! I got completely sucked into this magical world of vampires and warewolves the past couple of weeks and even enjoyed the movie. This saga has been HUGE down under to say the least and I must say it was quite an enjoyable and easy read. The last book was a little "out there" though lol.

Thumbing through the january issue of Instyle magazine I came across a photoshoot with the cast of Twilight and as goodlooking as the cast is I couldn't help but swoon over the sets! The location and props were stunning. They reminded me of that eclectic restaurant set up at the recent food and wine festival I attended last november.

I LOVE the shabby chesterfield, the birdcage, the aubusson pillow, the empire chairs? and the zebra rug - Genius!

Also in the magazine was a 5 page spread on my new favourite hair salon - Brad Ngata in Pailings Lane.

Mr Ngata recently hosted a high tea in his salon and I LOVED the images. Wish I'd been invited! pffft ;)

Look at those Louis chairs?! They almost left me breathless! I MUST have some chairs just like them!
Oh my looooord I have ALOT to catch up on! I hope you are all well!
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