Monday, July 28, 2008

My Sydney Town

My dad in his "more mature years of life" has developed quite a passion for photography. This past weekend he and a bus load of budding photographers headed to our beautiful harbour foreshore on a field trip to play around with their expensive equipment and capture the best light and colours our stunning part of the earth has to offer. I'm completely clueless when it comes to Photography terminology however I was absolutely floored at the beauty my father captured in these images. The first lot of photos were taken at an area called The Rocks. The Rocks is the site of Australia’s first European settlement in 1788 and still remains today one of Sydney siders favourite historic spots for dining, shopping, arts and culture.
A beautiful cobblestone street and sandstone wall built by convicts from the original colony.
Under the harbour bridge. Awww LOVE that scrolly lamp post.
This photo was taken on the side of observatory hill overlooking Australia's famous white sails Opera House and one of Sydney's most prestigious and luxurious hotels - The Park Hyatt.
Construction began for the Sydney Harbour Bridge in 1926 and officially opened in 1932. The bridge was built by 1400 workers, 16 of whom were killed in accidents during construction. Before Paul Hogan (from the movie Crocodile Dundee) became famous, he worked on the Sydney Harbour Bridge as a painter.

The architect of Sydney Opera House, Jørn Utzon was a relatively unknown 38 year old Dane until January 29, 1957 when his entry, scheme number 218, was announced winner of the ‘International competition for a national opera house at Bennelong Point, Sydney’. With his vision the City of Sydney was to become an international city.
To read more about this extraordinary man and the facinating story of his magnificent creation click here!

Luna Park is Sydney's oldest and still most popular amusement park.

(All images courtesy of my dad)

I've lived here all my life and I never get tired at looking at this breathtaking view :)

Friday, July 25, 2008

Happy Birthday Beautiful Boy...

11 today and just about as tall as me *wipes tear* ;)
William is such an amazing son - so loving, compassionate, competent, articulate, studious, hilarious, focused, obedient (most of the time lol) and sometimes a little cheeky ;)
I wish I could give him the world :)

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Oh how I'd LOVE to live here!!

I just about fell off my chair when I saw these bewitching pictures by Miki Duisterhof of this utterly exquisite home via Marge Casey & Associates and Desire to Inspire.

That dining room is flawless! Can you imagine long leisurely dinner parties under dim lights and flickering candlelight reflecting through the mirrored armoire? And how about that outdoor garden party? LOVE IT!

How could you not feel like Marie Antoinette living amongst all those divine French pieces and sumptuous fabrics?

I swear I was born in the wrong country and the wrong era ;)

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

I bought a daybed!!

(click to enlarge)

Today I just had to show off my newest purchase. I'd been looking on Ebay and such for a new bed for Soph and I couldn't believe my luck when I saw a picture and ad at my local supermarket for this reproduction french iron daybed at a bargin price. Selfishly I have wanted one for the longest time and thank god my little Sophierella loves it as much as me. It's alot higher than her previous bed and she calls it her princess bed :)

I ADORE all the scrolls and I love that when she grows out of it I can have a buttoned french style mattress (sorry I don't know the proper name for it) made like the one pictured below and use it either indoors or outdoors.

(image courtesy of Robin Stubbert via The Laurel Hedge)

Thank you so much Brookie for helping me today set the bed and the room up for her. She got such a surprise :)

Monday, July 21, 2008

YAY I won! hehe ;)

I was fortunate enough to receive my first blog award today by the oh so fabulous Daisy from Daisy Pink Cupcake! Thank you so kindly for considering me to be a brillante webblog :)
I'd like to pass on the love to 7 of my favourites...
The rules state you are supposed to keep passing the award on to 7 blogs but put it this way, I wont be offended if you don't ;)

Sunday, July 20, 2008

A love dedication to Aubusson tapestry...

(Melissa Levinson @ 1stdibs)

Ok so lets tick the checklist....My favourite elements of what I consider to be the perfect home consist of a piece of tufted furniture, the colour duck/robins egg blue, a beautiful bathroom, flea market finds, forged iron and now to add to my love dedication list - Aubusson tapestries!

As it's sunday and I'm just too darn lazy to retype it in my own words, here I have copied and pasted a brief description of the history of Aubusson and it's AMAZING weavings ;)

The history of tapestry weaving is continuous. In the 5th cent. A.D. and in the centuries immediately afterward, monasteries and convents were the centers of the craft. By the 15th cent., tapestry weaving had reached a high degree of perfection, and from this century date many great Gothic sets rich with gold thread. A fine specimen is the set of Burgundian Sacraments; a late 15th-century example of a verdure background is the Lady and the Unicorn set (Musée de Cluny). Fine weaving was done at Beauvais in the mid-17th cent. Weavers at Aubusson, France, began in the 16th cent. to make a textile that was gradually improved. The baroque style dominated the 17th cent.; the rococo and classical styles appeared in the 18th cent. Fine examples were woven from the cartoons of François Boucher, who worked both for the Beauvais and the Gobelins looms. The history of the tapestries from the Aubusson regions were well-known for its tapestry and carpets, which have been famous throughout the world since the 14th Century. Its origins were born with the arrival of weavers from Flanders, who took refuge in Aubusson around 1580. There is a famous collection of Aubusson tapestries at Vallon-Pont-d'Arc. The style of the tapestries produced have changed with the centuries, from scenes of green landscapes through to hunting scenes. In the 17th Century, the Aubusson and Felletin workshops were given "Royal Appointment" status. A down turn in fortunes came after the French revolution and the arrival of wallpaper. However tapestry made something of a comeback during the 30's, with artists such as Cocteau, Dufy, Dali Braque, Calder, Picasso being invited to Aubusson to express themselves through the medium of wool. Aubusson Tapestry still thrives today, preserving a range of traditional skills.

When it comes to formal living rooms this heavenly space designed and owned by Hayley Hayes an Interior Stylist and blog author from Brisbane (featured in Australian Home Beautiful magazine oct 06) is pure perfection. I absolutely adore the ornate pasterwork on the ceilings, the neutral walls and louis style furniture, the scattered Rachel Ashwell cushions, the contrasting dark timber floors and of course the piece de resistance, that - too die for - aubusson rug!

From this photo it looks like the background on the rug is blue but in the magazine it looks more cream. Which ever colour, it's stunning!

(Antiques on old plank road @ 1stdibs)

(Jacqueline Adams Antiques @ 1stdibs)

Oooh as much as I LOVE that pillow I also love that louis settee!

(Marcoz @ flickr)

You may well have noticed I have a penchant for aubusson tapestries in PINK! ;)

Who wouldn't love this gorgeous hall runner?

(PrettyPetals @ flickr)

(Manhattan Rug Warehouse)

After mentioning my affection for pink rugs this duck egg blue rug took my breath away. I have to have it!! lol

(Lifestyle Antiques)

An antique pair of pink silk and aubusson feature cushions - Let us pray! ;)

(Kathleen Rhea of The House Of Rhea)

(Hollyhock @ 1stdibs)

How adorable is this little stool? Well for a measly $3,800 US it can be YOURS! hehe

(Candice Olsen via Cote de Texas)

(The House That A-M built and AtticMag)

I currently have 6 gorgeous aubusson cushions but no rug as yet. They are all packed in storage awaiting their special day when they can be displayed and admired in the room they so royally deserve.

If any of you have a piece of aubusson tapestry please email me the link to your pics cause I would LOVE to see them :)

Friday, July 18, 2008

One of my favourite places in the whole world...

Well I'm back from my short break with my mum and the kids on Sydney's central coast. I feel so blessed to have this wonderful home in my family for us to share and enjoy. My parents and grandparents built this home almost 30 years ago and my grandparents lived there for 25yrs till their passing. Now it's used as a holiday house by my extended family.

My Pa was a "jack of all trades" and he made the tumbling water feature and planted the garden. Beautiful agapanthus and daisy's bloom in the spring. The plaque reads "grandpa's garden".
He also built all the timber work for the house including the pillars and crisscrossed balcony.

The interiors are very basic but comfortable and most of it is still as it was while my GP's resided.

^^This is bedroom 3

^^This is bedroom 4 or the nursery.

Sophie sitting on the bank of the lake sketching a duck.

This is the back of the house at sunset.

Sunset over the lake.

I HAD to mention, during our time away we got the chance to see Mamma Mia. It was BRILLIANT! I couldn't help dancing and singing in my chair like the dork I am lol. If you haven't seen it yet GO NOW! lol ;)

^^ My favourite scene

I ADORED the bohemian interiors of Villa Donna hehe. I have decided I am completely obsessed with aqua walls and shutters and they featured in abundance in this movie.

^^ Colin Firth = YUM! ;)

Another day was spent at the beach only 2mins away. The temperature was only around 20 degrees celcius but the sky was crystal clear, the sun was shining, the sand was clean and soft and the water was sparkling blue. I was wearing yoga pants and a hoody but the kids headed straight for the water - crazy kids!

^^The fortress

^^Emu Sophie

They insisted the water was warm, I wasn't convinced lol.

^^Aussie boy Will :)
For other posts and pics of my holiday home click here

Anyways I'm happy to be back on deck and catch up on all my favourite blogs. I've missed you!