Wednesday, January 9, 2008

The Lake House...

(Sunset on the lake)

(Will searching for his golf ball lol)

(The resident ducks)

(This is an older pic of the front of the house. The planter boxes are now painted charcoal and the plants and trees have matured)

(This house has the perfect neutral background for any design style)

(This is my mum's bedroom complete with a lovely old brass bed she's had forever)

(The view from the balcony is the perfect frame for the blue and white colour scheme)

(This was originally my grandparents room and now one of the three guest rooms recently damaged by the storms)

(This house does host a sleeping curse lol. Anyone who visits is affected)

Last week Jim, the kids and I joined my mum for a wonderful short summer break at her lake house up the central coast of NSW.

I am truly one of these blessed people who have gorgeous homes to vacation at during both winter and summer as my mum owns a gorgeous home on a lake, 5 mins from the beach and my dad owns a farmstead and acreage down south in one of NSW most beautiful rural areas - the southern highlands. I'll blog about his place another time.

My mum's home, is in a small but developing town and the property itself backs onto a beautiful grand lake. My family built this home almost 30years ago and to my mum's credit and clever design skills, I feel it really has stood the test of time and hasn't dated.

Since my grandparents death 2 years ago we really haven't felt the need to get rid of any of their 50's/60's furniture as it's still good quality and with brand new accessories, looks quite modern.

I'm only posting a few photo's at this time. A few months ago there were some ferocious storms up there and the house got quite damaged. We are still having rooms recarpeted and painted but once they're done I'll do a complete photoshoot of the house room by room. I love it so much I can't wait to show it off :)
We had a fun and relaxing time but I'm happy to be back to my blogging world :)
I can't wait to catch up on everyones posts.


nene said...

"WoW...what a true honor to have so much of these properties run in your family right down the line. You are very lucky. I hope you are able to restore The lake house like you would like to. It will be fun seeing before and after pictures of everything. I love decorating too. "Did I ever tell you before I started having kids I went to school to be a designer. Well, it stopped after my first! I will go back, when time is right.

"Good luck to you friend, have fun decorating;-))"

Jennifer said...

I do so love discovering new blogs! Your comments on Alkemie made me smile! Thanks for sharing your beautiful retreat.

Alkemie said...

Anna, what a Beautiful and serene place to escape to. I'm really looking forward to what you do with the place. The scenery is sooo nice! You really are lucky - the house looks like it has great bones.

Villa Anna said...

Thank you so much Jennifer, In all honesty I really don't know alot about Canadian design. I'm really looking forward to learning alot from your interesting blog.

Anna :)