Saturday, January 19, 2008

Ok my turn...."I want to live here!"

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While I was on the subject of fantasy furnishings I just had to post about one of the most heavenly and awe inspiring homes I've ever seen. The kitchen of this completely exquisite house adorns the cover this month, of my favourite Australian home magazine - Country Home Ideas Vol. 6 No. 9
The opening paragraph to the article accompanying the beautiful photographs inside reads:
It's no wonder that Kieran and Ngarie, the owners of this property, have cut more than one holiday short to come home to this magnificent abode. "When we travel, we can't help but compare where we're staying to what we've got at home", says Kieran, "and usually find we cut our trips short, as it's so much better here than any hotel!".
This immediately resinated with me as I feel any person who's as passionate about creating their dream home as I am, would want to feel exactly the same way about their ultimate result.

As most of you know, my dreams usually reside in a "french box" and this home is a southern Greek revival mansion, modelled on the grand southern American plantation homes. The interior though definately has a French feel to it. I LOVE IT! I love that it's situated on 30 acres in one of the most beautiful rural areas of NSW. About 30 mins from where my dad lives. I love the Symmetry of the house and the gardens. I love grand french doors and windows. I love the pretty decorative mouldings. I LOVE the provincial blue and white kitchen. I love the supremely luxurious marble bathrooms. I love the guest quarters above the seperate 4 car garage. I love the sweeping views over the stunning country side of the southern highlands. I love the lush rose gardens. I love the Laura Ashley custom window coverings and I LOVE the beautifully ornate ironwork on the balconies and staircase.
This castle is truly a masterpiece and if I had a cool 5 million I'd buy it in a heartbeat. This property could potentially become a heavenly spot to host weddings and special functions. My personal interior would consist of more pastel colours but remain equally as opulent.

Thank you to Kieran and Ngarie, Country Home Ideas magazine and for allowing me to wander through and marvel at this absolutely unforgettable place!


All Things Bright and Beautiful... said...

I am so surprised this is OZ!! I was sure it was Scandinavian!!!

Those columns are what confuses me11

looks fab to!! Great find Anna!!

Jeannene said...

We most certainly have the same exquisite taste my friend. Love your new look to your blog too! I should do this too and Post my favorite!!


AnastasiaC said...

Wow..i didnt think that would be in Australia...i LOVE that kitchen!! so beautiful...its what I want in my dream home...not sure about the opulant bathroom...ha!

jennifer.mccabe said...

Hi Anna,

Loved the house photos so much. I'm always looking for inspiration for my homewares store and boy, did this house inspire! I've always had an interest in interior decor & design and last year decided to take the plunge and start my own business. Whiteport is a online store that specialises in decorative homewares themed around a stylish white palette. Take a look if you get a minute and let me know your thoughts from one Sydney girl to another.
Bye for now,