Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Natalie Lynn Photography

I finally found my copy of Romantic Homes magazine at Borders book shop yesterday. Borders really is one of the best shops on the planet. Oh god how I love to forget about the world and get lost in that place with my starbucks white chocolate mocha frappe in hand.
What a darling little magazine it is. I didn't realise it was so petit in size but filled with the loveliest things. I couldn't wait to read all the romantic stories written by my new blogging pals and see their stunning layouts. As I was walking to the counter, a cover of a wedding magazine caught my eye and I actually bumped into another customer *blush*. I am not planning a wedding but I just had to buy this magazine. The cover and feature photo's were by Australian photographer Natalie Lynn. I really don't know anything about Natalie but she looks to focus her photography on fashion and I'm completely in love with her pictures. The feature in this wedding magazine is called Marie Antoinette - one of my favourite subjects.

Wedding dresses seem to get wackier and wackier these days and I love them! Love the hair and LOVE LOVE LOVE the set design.

Check out Natalie's website. Her stunning imagery are in abundance.

(image courtesy of The Paris Apartment)

Also, don't forget to buy a copy of february's Romantic Homes magazine. Available at Borders book shop.


Alkemie said...

Wow! THe photos are amazing! Not to mention the furniture and chairs in them~ This copy of Romantic Homes looks different from their past covers. It looks very nice, I'll have to check them out once more. Thanks for sharing Anna!

All Things Bright and Beautiful... said...

Oh anna !! Great post !! love it - you knew I would tho didnt you :-). Now let s see why these pics wont enlarge :-)

All Things Bright and Beautiful... said...

ps Love the new look blog :-)

Villa Anna said...

Felicity, you're a bloody genius...It worked! YAY!

p.s I did know you'd love these pics. I'd love to tear them out and frame them all. They are so incredibly beautiful :)