Saturday, June 28, 2008

Happy Birthday Beautiful Friend....and My Bed Post.

Dearest Brook, I wish you a truly wonderful birthday. You've been such a good friend to me over the past 5 years. I cherish our time chatting about all matter of things, sharing thoughts, troubles and dreams, and of course treasure hunting together. I love that we share a passion of all things vintage, girly and pink. You are the only friend of mine who gets that about me lol. I wish you all the very best in life and may all your wishes and dreams come true. I can't wait for our dinner date this week :)

The past few weeks I've been overwhelmed with blogging pals tagging me. I'm so honoured and humbled by the fact you want to know more about me. I apologise for not playing along, I hope I haven't offended anyone. With so many at once I just felt a little tagged out :)

One tag though from Chantal at Interior Dreaming simply asked me to post a picture of my bed. I wish I had a deliciously glamourous bedroom I could show off just as I dream to have someday but alas I don't. My bed is lovely though, an Australian oak sleigh bed. I found these pics in my files of my bed taken a few years ago. My room hasn't changed in that time. I do have different bedding for the different seasons. This photo was taken in spring. Sorry it's not so clear.

I posted this second pic to show a little closer view of the bedding. The quilt and one pillow is Laura Ashley and another pillow is Rachel Ashwell. Look at my gorgeous baby Tigger! He's all grown up now but still as loveable. He's the friendliest cat I've ever known. Sometimes I think he thinks he's a dog lol.

This pic is of one of the guest beds I use at my dads farm house. There is another bedroom next door and each room is partitioned from the living area with gorgeous candy striped curtains. It's so much fun! My dad has promised to send me some shots of the guest house soon to show you. He's a much better photographer than me lol.

Another bedroom I can't wait to show you over the next couple of weeks is my guestroom at my mum's home on the lake, and two - too die for - patchwork quilts my aunty lovingly made for me - absolutely stunning!

This last image is of my dream bed - currently owned by Paris Hilton :)

For anyone out there who wants to show off their bedrooms I'd LOVE to see them :)
Please let me know if you make a post like this.

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

A Beautiful Kitchen...

I'm sure most of you have already seen these images but just incase you haven't I had to spread the love of this amazingly beautiful kitchen.
I noticed lately alot of my favourite blogs were posting images of kitchen love so I decided to jump on this band wagon and post my favourite.
This kitchen belongs to the truly talented and gorgeous Sara Duckett, entrepreneur (she has her own online boutique selling French wares as well as web and graphic design), blog author and now photographer all under the name of Sadie Olive.
Sara even designed my stunning header that I'm still so in love with :)
Sara's kitchen is a stunning example of classic meets contemporary with a charming french flair.

Really this kitchen looks very basic. Thats why I love it so. Anyone could create a beautiful kitchen like this. I love Sara's adventurous use of painted, panelled and tiled wall treatments. I adore her choice of granite colour and my favourite element would have to be the breakfast bar featuring the scrolly iron brackets - too die for! Sara's sense of class and style is evident in everything she does.

Sara's home has also been featured in romantic homes magazine. Visiting her lovely blog to see all her fabulous creations is a must!

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Oh No, I've created a monster...

After a glorious trip to the flea markets this morning with my fellow treasure hunter Brookie, as you can see I've now developed quite a little collection of nautical pieces :) Like I mentioned before I really have no use for these amazing items in my home but I can't help but keep collecting them. I guess I'm building inventory for a future interior design/retail business? ;)

My purchases today included this gorgeous boat print very similar to these displayed in this stunning home in Nantucket. Pics are from House Beautiful via one of my favourite blogs Habitually Chic. Personally I think my boat print would look outstanding in a boys room.

The sweet vintage tins were bought on previous flea market trips but aswell as the boat print today I found this beautiful little ocean painting that was in the ugliest frame so I got rid of that. The lovely seagrass basket I found yesterday on a clearance table at a homewares store. Perfect for summer picnics at the beach or the lake. I know summer is quite a few months away for us Aussie's but when I read Julia's blog everyday I can't help but feel excited about the pending warmth and good times :)

My other purchases for the day included more vintage frames, a white urn and stunning hummingbird tin.

The frame above was perfect for a treasured old sketch of a birdhouse my beloved grandpa made. The last project he built for my mum before he died (miss you everyday Pa). I love how the gold frame really compliments the aged worn paper .

I love the provincial look of this urn. It's not as big and beautiful as yours Gail but it comes close ;)

Look at this amazing tin!^^ The colours are so vibrant and it has just the right amount of chippyness.

With all the rain Sydney has been washed with recently and being sick for over a week it was so nice to get out and about amongst one of my favourite environments again hunting for treasures through everyone elses trash :)

For anyone looking for a beautiful book dedicated to coastal living this book is THE BEST!!! Filled to the max with breathtaking images and ideas you will truly love it as much as I do :)

Gorgeous pictures are via the gorgeous blog Absolutely Beautiful Things .

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Vintage Beach Style...

Yesterday I paid a visit to my local Salvation Army depot or (Sally's) as I affectionately call it and found this vintage coastal painting. My home definately doesn't have a coastal theme nor do I live near the coast but I just had to buy it anyway it's just so endearing. I figure someday I'll be able to sell it to a client who does want to create a beach theme for their home with a vintage flair ;)

When I got home I decided to research coastal homes with vintage art and I loved what I found. Firstly the image above doesn't show any art but I thought my print would look amazing featured in a room like this. The aqua and cream hues are perfect.

love this ^^

Girly goodness

My painting would even look great in a bathroom. This lighthouse print according to the article was purchased from a junk shop.

This Hawaiian gem was bought at an L.A flea market.

An eclectic array of old and new art.

This room is a fabulous example of vintage coastal chic featuring a similar beach painting on the picture rail.

I spy a beach theme print on the top right corner of this room. Of course I doubt this is vintage art.

I don't know much about art but I know what I like and I especially like inexpensive art lol. Who says you need to pay Picasso prices to make a wall look fabulous?

All the images were found on Coastal Living

One last gorgeous pic I found at House Beautiful. Love the boat print!

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Simply Magnificent

Have you all seen Joni from Cote de Texas's post about conservatories yet? If not, don't waste another minute and get over there! Joni's collection of images and interesting facts about these exquisitely romantic structures will leave you breathless and longing for that glass haven you've always dreamed of :)

Monday, June 16, 2008

A love dedication to Iron...

(The Paris Apartment)

(Appley Hoare Antiques)




(Appley Hoare Antiques)

(Appley Hoare Antiques)

(Appley Hoare Antiques)

(Appley Hoare Antiques)

(Appley Hoare Antiques)


(The Paris Apartment)

(desire to inspire)

(Absolutely beautiful things)

(Lynn Von Kersting via Cote De Texas)

(lilidebretagne @ flickr)

(House Beautiful via Cote De Texas) - Thank you Joni :)


(House Beautiful)

(Modern Country)

Words can hardly express the love I feel for rusty forged iron furniture and architectural pieces. Offering such elegance and beauty, scrolly iron transfers any room or building into a timeless masterpiece. Well thats my opinion anyway lol. Someday I will fill my home with pieces just like these. I don't think a person can have too many scrolls in their life and the more patina the better ;)

p.s Thank you to everyone who so thoughtfully sent me get well wishes. I am back, healthy, strong and ready to continue my education in the wonderful world of design. I've missed you all immensely and I can't wait to catch up on all your brilliant blogs.