Monday, June 16, 2008

A love dedication to Iron...

(The Paris Apartment)

(Appley Hoare Antiques)




(Appley Hoare Antiques)

(Appley Hoare Antiques)

(Appley Hoare Antiques)

(Appley Hoare Antiques)

(Appley Hoare Antiques)


(The Paris Apartment)

(desire to inspire)

(Absolutely beautiful things)

(Lynn Von Kersting via Cote De Texas)

(lilidebretagne @ flickr)

(House Beautiful via Cote De Texas) - Thank you Joni :)


(House Beautiful)

(Modern Country)

Words can hardly express the love I feel for rusty forged iron furniture and architectural pieces. Offering such elegance and beauty, scrolly iron transfers any room or building into a timeless masterpiece. Well thats my opinion anyway lol. Someday I will fill my home with pieces just like these. I don't think a person can have too many scrolls in their life and the more patina the better ;)

p.s Thank you to everyone who so thoughtfully sent me get well wishes. I am back, healthy, strong and ready to continue my education in the wonderful world of design. I've missed you all immensely and I can't wait to catch up on all your brilliant blogs.


lily-g said...

So glad your better we missed your all those iron images especially Parterre my favourite shop in Sydney!

~j~ said...

oh whoo hoo you are back! Awesome news Anna. Love the iron post, i have a couple of cherished pieces as well and so enjoy the color changes i have experienced over the years. Lovely pictures.
hugs to you,

driftwood shack said...

Glad you are well again as I love popping by your blog- this iron collection is truly divine- though I was definitely put off by the title....I was worried it would invovle housework! and I think i have a letter I for my design alphabet now!

Mélanie said...

I' m a fan of iron!
I love to put iron garden antiques into the house!
last year I wrote a post about it , I will make another one this year

Alicia ~ Time Worn Style said...

Oh I do adore scrolly furniture, gates, architecture etc etc. Have quite a little collection of my own but I think you have to be in Qld to find the best outdoor furniture! Hope you are feeling much better too.

annechovie said...

Oh, Anna! these are fabulous photos! Love all the delicate ironwork. Hope you are well....

Fifi Flowers said...

Before I scrolled down I read "iron" and scringed at the thought of "ironing"... lol
I love ironwork... love to incorporate it into my paintings!
GREAT photo collection!