Monday, June 2, 2008

Our weekend at Dad's...

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Welcome to Wollondilly farm, my Dad's 350 acre property in the picturesque area of The Southern Highlands, NSW.

In the winter time this is my favourite place to be. When I tell my friends I'm heading to the highlands for the weekend they always say to me "yikes, isn't it too cold up there?" and I reassure them that my dads home is well equipped for the cold weather. Slow combustion fires, plush carpet, electric blankets not to mention my dad makes the best hot chocolates in the world ;)

It is a place to truly relax and forget about the hustle and bustle of city life. Breathe in the fresh air, take long walks, the kids explore and roam free, watch the millions of stars, spot a kangaroo or a wombat or a snake in the summertime ;)

Fortunately we don't have the worry of mountain lions or bears in the wild. Our mountains are very safe although in the summer you must be watchful of brown and black snakes who are highly deadly.

Australian Fauna are in abundance at Bullio. You have to be very careful driving on the long road to the property as kangaroo's and wombats constantly jump in front of cars and get killed.....Unfortunately there is always many sad sights to be witnessed as you reach your destination.

The farm is a haven for Jim to practice his golf techniques.

This particular weekend was to celebrate my dad's birthday and to our surprise, his identical twin brother, uncle Peter , and family were at their weekend residence (Folly farm - the property next to my dads) this weekend also. We drove over there to have a birthday morning tea for the both of them.

When we arrived at Folly farm my uncle Peter actually had a surprise for all of us. He generously offered to take us all up for a joyflight around the properties in his helicopter. It was a first for all of us. My son William ( the future pilot) as you can imagine was beside himself with excitement :)

Uncle Pete (green) and Dad (red) holding Zach and me getting my camera ready :)

William is pumped and ready to go!

Nerves start to set in

Sophie is panicking. I shove the video camera in her face and offer some motherly words of encouragement lol

Uncle Peter is pumped and ready to go!

My kids, my life, are up in the sky and I'm nervously waiting on the ground *bites nails*

Ahhhh back safe and sound

The family eagerly awaits their turn

weeee off I go

The front of Folly farm

Looking back at Folly farm

Looking at the front of Wollondilly house. As you can see they don't get alot of rain unfortunately and everything is very dry.

Looking back at Wollondilly house

Awww nevermind Zachy, nextime you'll get your turn :)

The views were spectacular, the ride was smooth, the pilot was a genius and the overall weekend was a success :)
A special and sincere thank you to Uncle Pete (whom revealed to me he ocassionally pops in for a look at my blog) for not only making my sons dream come true but for graciously taking the time to accomodate my whole family :)


Jeannene said...

This was sooo fun to read Anna, and your pictures were so adventurous!! You are so lucky and blessed to have had such an awesome experience to fly in a helicopter and not to mention the large "Acreage" your family lives one.

Next time, just call me and I will go with!!

"How often do you get to go to your dad's?"


Villa Anna said...

Awww Jeannene thank you, unfortunately we don't get down to the farm as often as we'd like. My dad still works hard as a property valuer and with my husbands shift work and mine and the kids hectic schedule it just makes it hard. Then again the times we do go down we really appreciate and treat as a mini holiday. My dad and stepmum certainly cater for all our creature comforts.

Anna :)

Linda said...

That looks like it was fun. It is so strange to me to think it is winter there. I hope it is one full of rain this year.

Millie said...

What a fantastic weekend Anna - how wonderful is it that your boys have an opportunity to enjoy such fun & memorable times with their extended family.
And in the gorgeous countryside of the Southern Highlands - what a bonus!
Millie ^_^

Alicia ~ Time Worn Style said...

What a fantastic weekend!! Doesnt look too cold up there really but yes quite dry. That little joey is too cute, loved reading this
post :0)
Alicia ~ time worn style

Shannon Fricke said...

Loved reading about your weekend Anna. There's nothing better than hanging out with family in the country - in the winter! Love the sound of the fire (and hot chocs). Although the helicopter looked a little freaky!

Villa Anna said...

Linda - I apologise if I made you feel too warm talking about crackling fires and hot steamy cocoa LOL It is a spin out that while we're rugging up down under you're stripping off up there - well not completely LOL

Anna :)

Villa Anna said...

Millie - thank you, I agree, the Southern Highlands of NSW is truly one of my very favourite spots in the world. My ultimate dream would be to build a traditional french provincial farmhouse on acreage in the highlands.

*kisses her 50 million powerball ticket* hehe

Anna :)

Villa Anna said...

Alicia - You're right, last weekend wasn't particularly cold. In the thick of winter it gets to minus 0 on the farm which in my books is brrrrrrr lol. Our Scandinavian, European and Amercian blogging pals are probably reading this thinking "pffff thats nothing!" lol

Anna :)

Villa Anna said...

Shannon - I can't wait to read more about your gorgeous country residence and the renovation progress.

Anna :)

p.s Normally I'd be petrified sending my children and myself up in a light aircraft but truly my uncle is a very safe and competent pilot and I didn't feel any fear at all :)

Country French Antiques said...

How much fun!
Looks like a wonderful place to relax and I love it that your Dad makes hot chocolate!
Quite an attractive family I might add!

~j~ said...

Anna, how much fun was that!! for all of us. I sooo understood the whole finger nail biting with your life lifting off the ground. What a brave mum you are! thanks so much for sharing, your pics made me feel like i was right there with you.
love j

Gail McCormack said...

Anna what a wonderful post, I'm not to sure about the helicopter ride, don't blame you for being a little terrified!!
Always a pleasure to come and visit you