Thursday, June 19, 2008

Vintage Beach Style...

Yesterday I paid a visit to my local Salvation Army depot or (Sally's) as I affectionately call it and found this vintage coastal painting. My home definately doesn't have a coastal theme nor do I live near the coast but I just had to buy it anyway it's just so endearing. I figure someday I'll be able to sell it to a client who does want to create a beach theme for their home with a vintage flair ;)

When I got home I decided to research coastal homes with vintage art and I loved what I found. Firstly the image above doesn't show any art but I thought my print would look amazing featured in a room like this. The aqua and cream hues are perfect.

love this ^^

Girly goodness

My painting would even look great in a bathroom. This lighthouse print according to the article was purchased from a junk shop.

This Hawaiian gem was bought at an L.A flea market.

An eclectic array of old and new art.

This room is a fabulous example of vintage coastal chic featuring a similar beach painting on the picture rail.

I spy a beach theme print on the top right corner of this room. Of course I doubt this is vintage art.

I don't know much about art but I know what I like and I especially like inexpensive art lol. Who says you need to pay Picasso prices to make a wall look fabulous?

All the images were found on Coastal Living

One last gorgeous pic I found at House Beautiful. Love the boat print!


artist in NC said...

Love that painting!!!!

Linda said...

I would love to live near the ocean and decorate using all of those blues and nautical looks. It looks so refreshing.

AnastasiaC said...

beautiful relaxed the colours and airy feel! great selection Anna!
hope you're feeling better now!

Gail McCormack said...

I do have a soft spot for beach themes, I love your vintage painting, please let us know where it ends up

Geisslein said...

You can not imagine how much I love this "seaside" style!!!! Wonderful and very inspiring pictures!!!!
sunny greetings from germany

paris parfait said...

Such lovely, soothing rooms - oh to be by the sea about now!

~j~ said...

aah yes, how blessed am i to live the beach life!!! I just ordered my white couches and will be setting up for my beach style living room and loved these inspiring photos! I even have a similar painting too!! Thanks Anna, so timely,

KarenB said...

I love your new find! I live not too far from the ocean and have done my master suite in a beach theme. I actually bought a similar painting on ebay that was a paint-by-number, framed it and hung it in my bathroom. So, not only did I get my beloved beach theme, but also appealed to my love of paint-by-number art. Thanks for additional inspiration.

A-M said...

Such beautiful images. My Gran used to paint beautiful beach/coastal paintings. Your painting instantly made me think of my Gran... it looks like one of her paintings... does it have a name on it by chance? Thanks for your kind wishes over at 'my place'. Up and about and visiting all my blog friends this morning. Created a monster, can't even survive 3 days away! A-M xx

Villa Anna said...

A-M - The name on the bottom looks to read Bon (with an accent over the N) Dawson. I can't find any information on the internet. Do you have any of your Gran's paintings still? I'd love to see pics sometime.

Anna :)

Villa Anna said...

Julia you know I'm busting to see pics of your home after you redecorate. Don't forget!

Anna ;)

Alkemie said...

What a FUn post and great spread Anna! There's always something so charming about a seaside cottage and the images you chose are wonderful!