Monday, January 14, 2008

A dedication to my favourite flea market finds...

(This is a corner of my room that is filled with some of my favourite treasures. Someday when our house is finished and rooms have been added, i'll display all these beauties the way they deserve)

(The stunning ornate Parisian style mirror - very similar to the one in my bathroom - I found in a thrift store for $20 last week while I was on holiday and the brass lamp with pink shade was $10 also found in a thrift store)

(This sweet water colour print of Paris was given to me as a new year present last week from my thrift store partner in crime and bff Brook. She found it at a salvage yard and gave it a little face lift. It's truly one of the nicest gifts I've ever received. I love it...thank you friend :)

(I found this cutie just this past weekend at a garage sale for 50 cents)

(I also found these two little darlings - which I am so in love with - from my local flea market this past weekend for only $1.00 each!)

(I have a lovely collection of pretty floral tea cups found from all matter of places)

(I bought this sweet child size boudoir chair for my daughters room for $20 from ebay)

(This gorgeous bread and biscuit barrel was was probably the best bargin of all as my husband found it laying on the side of the road during a council clean up day - finders keepers lol)

(This is one of my favourite purchases as I won this auction on ebay for only $300. Reproduction french armoires retail for around $2000)

And the link goes on lol... After posting the pic of my adorable pink tufted boudoir chair I found at the local fleas, as well as reading a few posts this week about several people's addiction to thrift stores, I decided to dedicate my post today on MY favourite bargin finds :)

My love affair with market stalls and vintage items started when I was a little girl. Spending almost every holidays with my family at "The lake house" there was and still is a sunday flea market in the local supermarket car park. I remember looking forward to it every week and riding my bike up there along with my sisters and cousins to find something fun and quirky to spend my pocket money on and come home to show off to my family. I think back then it was mainly items like costume jewellery, figurines and sequence purses that captivated my attention which really, when I think about it, are still some of the primary items I search for when treasure hunting lol. I guess the attraction was the fact that everything was so cheap and I could find something unique and grown up that I wouldn't normally be able to afford to buy in a store at that age. You know, once again that is still the general rule of treasure hunting even as an adult whether it be at a flea market, thrift store or yard sale.

Searching for that elusive bargin is the name of the game and oh what fun it is when you find it!
I'm not one to arrive at the fleas before dawn with a torch in hand, nor do I show up at garage sales before the opening time advertised. I go when I feel ready and I'm usually lucky and find some thing that will excite and thrill me. Rarely i'll come home empty handed and the best part is my purchases don't break the bank :)
Some days it'll be pieces of furniture and other days miniature french lady figurines. I don't care about imperfections such as small stains or tiny chips, as the old saying goes - one persons trash is another persons treasure :)

I'd really love to hear about your favourite finds or if you have already made a post about the same topic on your blog, send me a link, I'd love to read about it.


NAME: CIELO said...

Beautiful findings! Love that mirrow, and the pink lamp!

Have a lovely day, Anna.


Alkemie said...

I am also a total thrift shop and flea market addict! YOu have BEAUTIFUL finds Anna! Thanks for sharing!

M&Co said...

The powder pink chair is sooo lovely!! Lucky you!!

AnastasiaC said...

i love all your finds Anna! that armoire is stunning!!!
i love Rozelle flea markets for tiny vintage finds like ceramics, teacups and vintage childrens books...i always have fun there ....