Saturday, January 12, 2008

A love dedication to tuft...

(The Paris Apartment)

(Finola Inga via Desire To Inspire)

(Flickr - little miss flirt via Desire To Inspire)

(The Paris Apartment)

(Mary McDonald via Desire To Inspire)

(The Gramercy Park Hotel via Desire To Inspire)

(Miles Redd)

(Miles Redd)

(Jan Showers via Desire To Inspire)

(Sera of London)

(Charlotte Moss)

(Betsy Johnson via All Things Bright And Beautiful)

(Milano powderoom via Desire To Inspire)


(Homes & Gardens via Desire To Inspire)

(Shabby Chic)

(The beach studios)

(Paris Hiltons bedroom from her Hollywood Hills mansion courtesy of Australian's Womens Weekly)

(My own boudoir chair)

The gorgeous room from Noel Jeffrey with the stunning duck egg headboard inspired me to dedicate a post to one of my passions in life - tufted furniture!

There is something ever so elegant about tufted furniture. No matter what your interior budget, adding something tufted will definately add an element of glamour, and anyone can afford tufted furniture as I bought my pink boudoir chair from a flea market for $30 :)

They are so pleasing to the eye with their depth and texture. I just love running my hands across the bumps lol. I vow that someday when I become a working interior decorator I will try my best to incorporate a piece of tufted furniture whether it be a headboard, chair, couch, chaise, floor pillow, bar stool, office chair or ottoman in every space I work on lol ;)


The Paris Apartment said...

Count me in on including tufts in any room I decorate too! Great collection of inspired ideas!

Maryam in Marrakesh said...

Holy cow, what gorgeousness. That Miles room gets me every time and that Jan Showers understated look is lovely, too.

Villa Anna said...

Thank you Claudia, you're forever an inspiration to me :)

Villa Anna said...

Thank you so much Maryam for stopping by. I feel quite honoured as I'm a big fan of your blog :)

Alkemie said...

OMG Anna, I LOVE LOVE LOVE tufted furniture. I must admit an addiction to it. This is a lovely collection of examples!