Tuesday, July 8, 2008

More Aqua Love...

Lately I've been posting images depicting my love for aqua and duck egg. As most of you must well and truly know by now those hues of blue are my favourite colours in the WORLD!. Well after a few days away you can imagine my shock and surprise when I saw this heart stopping post on Joni's Cote de Texas blog about this - TOO DIE FOR - beach residence designed by the INCREDIBLY talented Babs Watkins. Yet another designer I hadn't discovered till now and am ever so grateful to Joni for introducing me to her work and this awe inspiring home.
I've seen so many amazing homes that have literally had me sighing out loud but as dramatic as this sounds I felt my heart skipping beats when I saw this one. I have only imagined a home with so many of my favourite elements all come together.
Those pastel blues throughout (especially on the floorboards!! Genius!!). Neutral textures such as stone and seagrass. Tufted furniture!! Painted french antiques. Iron beds! The beauty is endless.
Joni just keeps outdoing herself with these breathtaking posts time and time again. I curtsey to the queen of beautiful inspiration :)
To see many many more dreamy pics and detailed commentary of this home please please click here and ENJOY!!


Cote de Texas said...

isn't it to DIE for!!!!!!!!!????????


it looked so beautiful when I opened your blog.

thanks for the shout out!


~j~ said...

Gasp! A beach house!! Wow,
those colors are absolutely perfect. My fav are those floors though. I can see why you would love this designer. Beautfiul inpiration indeed.
hugs to you Anna,
love j

Geisslein said...

Oh - such nice pictures again - I love these colours...beautiful inspiration again...
Have a very nice day!

Millie said...

Thank you Anna for this wonderful post via Joni. I love that this home is not tricked up or contrived, its just pure style & elegance done with simplicity & integrity - bravo!
Millie ^_^

Mademoiselle Frou-Frou said...

i love aqua because it is so calming and serene. lovely post!

lily-g said...

I think I have died and gone to heaven...I'm as mad about duck egg blue as you are keep posting all these gorgeous images xxxxxxxx