Thursday, July 24, 2008

Oh how I'd LOVE to live here!!

I just about fell off my chair when I saw these bewitching pictures by Miki Duisterhof of this utterly exquisite home via Marge Casey & Associates and Desire to Inspire.

That dining room is flawless! Can you imagine long leisurely dinner parties under dim lights and flickering candlelight reflecting through the mirrored armoire? And how about that outdoor garden party? LOVE IT!

How could you not feel like Marie Antoinette living amongst all those divine French pieces and sumptuous fabrics?

I swear I was born in the wrong country and the wrong era ;)


driftwood shack said...

oh Anna, you are such a romantic! this is absolutely lovely but I couldn't ever serve beans on toast at a table like must just be for elegant ladies and their beau's not scruffy beachcombers like me!

Country French Antiques said...

Can I come to your Garden Party?
Then I just might have to spend the night, cuz it's a long way you know.

Millas hem said...

Yes...It´s a nice place! :)
I like your daybed!
Hugs Camilla

Anonymous said...

Hi Anna
Been reading your different blog for weeks and others connected to your site needless to say your in my favourites. Can't believe I've found so many like minded souls as my friends couldn't care less about there homes and I'm sure they think I'm a little strange only thing now is I waste alot off time looking at beautiful things
ps I'm in Adelaide

Jane of JaneZworld said...

oooo me too as long as I am the lady of the house and not the scullery maid.

I mean someone has to be the maid but it doesnt have t be me...or you!!!

Incredible images thanks for posting them...something to build a dream on.

Millie said...

Oh wow! Dear Anna - this post has just made my day. Such beautiful images, and I just love the touch of blue in each room.

This is a post that I will need to revisit, as there will be something new to see each time that I hadn't noticed before.
Millie ^_^

Porchlight Interiors said...

What a beautiful post - great for a daydream. I think that garden party sounds like a great idea.

Mademoiselle Frou-Frou said...

maybe if we all chip in we can afford this place! it's my dream house too - perfect in every way. that first image of the exterior is lovely, lovely!!

celia said...

Me too!!!

Melissa @ The Inspired Room said...

I especially love that kitchen sink and the open shelves....swoon!


Herbgirl said...

This is so my dream home!!! Just perfect. Love your new daybed too.

Cote de Texas said...

TO DIE FOR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Alkemie said...

WOW does this home look AMazING!! ESpecially the opening photo and the second photo with the unique oval opening to the room. to Die for!

stljoie said...

Oh my. Talk about pretty. I loved everything about it. Sigh...