Tuesday, July 22, 2008

I bought a daybed!!

(click to enlarge)

Today I just had to show off my newest purchase. I'd been looking on Ebay and such for a new bed for Soph and I couldn't believe my luck when I saw a picture and ad at my local supermarket for this reproduction french iron daybed at a bargin price. Selfishly I have wanted one for the longest time and thank god my little Sophierella loves it as much as me. It's alot higher than her previous bed and she calls it her princess bed :)

I ADORE all the scrolls and I love that when she grows out of it I can have a buttoned french style mattress (sorry I don't know the proper name for it) made like the one pictured below and use it either indoors or outdoors.

(image courtesy of Robin Stubbert via The Laurel Hedge)

Thank you so much Brookie for helping me today set the bed and the room up for her. She got such a surprise :)


A-M said...

Welcome back! Your holiday sounds like it was just divine... what wonderful memories you are creating with your family. Love the day bed. Would love one for my porch.... when I have a porch! I am keeping your checklist for a perfect home... will tick it off as I go over the next few years! A-M xx

Villa Anna said...

A-M, your visits always put a big smile on my face. Thank you for your encouragement.

Anna :)

Mandi said...

What a wonderful bed you have ...i was lucky to find an origianl on e-bay and hadd to have it delivered from France...a dream also...tis a very and rusty red...and stored in the garage at the oment...will be bringing mine back to Oz on my return...still wonder whether I should by another one...are theyhard to get hold of....and are they a lot of money ????

Monika Dubska said...

Waw that day bed is sooo nice! Im so jealous :(

Hope to hear from you!
Take care,
Monika ♥

Millie said...

Dear Anna - what a great find! I love the way you are thinking ahead & your future plans for this piece. I think this bed will be in your life & home for a very long time.
Millie ^_^

Villa Anna said...

Hi Mandi!

If you're refering to buying a second daybed back in Oz then they are around in Antique stores and such. Originals however will be very expensive. I WISH I could afford an original. Perhaps someday :) In the meantime I think my reproduction will suit me fine.

Thanks so much for stopping by!

Anna :)

Villa Anna said...

Hi Monika :)

Look around in your local classifieds, flea markets and ebay. One will most certainly come up at some stage and at the exact price you want. Keep the faith! (Haha shameless Bon Jovi plug there)

Anna ;)

Villa Anna said...

Hi Millie :)

It's always lovely to see your comments. I do somewhat feel selfish about buying this bed for my daughter as I plan on using it for myself someday lol but fortunately she shares the same taste in pretty things as I do.

Anna :)

Ann said...

That's a wonderful daybed. So girly and pretty. I wish I have a girl child I can splurge on things like that.

TheParisApartment said...

What a score! It's the perfect bed you two can share fluffing! I love that she calls it a princess bed :)
BTW, I have a turn of the century one just like the blue one that someone consigned if anyone wants it (it folds flat). I don't think she wants to much for it so if any of your readers are interested, let me know! (oh, and it's celadon green with chippy paint)

lily-g said...

Hi Anna, so sorry i haven't stopped by, so busy at work,I just love the day-bed what a great find I'm sending you tomorrow the anna french wall-paper sample but still waiting on the designers guild, can you send me your address again sorry!thank you so much for my award x p.s I was in Sydney yesterday on a buying trip and thought of you, one day we must meet so i'm going to drag a-m down to sydney so we can have lunch together, how to die for is that store Partierre I'm in heaven every time I visit (but the prices are look only!)a-m must see this store!

Villa Anna said...

Hi Ann :)

Thank you so much for stopping by. I know I'm truly blessed having a daughter like Soph.

Anna :)

Villa Anna said...

Claudia it sounds beautiful :) Perhaps you could use it in your new pad?

Anna :)

Villa Anna said...

Judy, never apologise for your success, you are my hero :)

I dream of going on "buying trips" Oh what fun spending other peoples money LOL.

You're right shopping doesn't get much better than a visit to Partierre - no wait - having the money to buy in Partierre would be better lol.

Anna :)

~j~ said...

what a find Anna! You are so fortunate to have found one like that! You would love garage sales around my parts, what treasures people sell here in Santa Barbara, it's incredible.
Congrats on the score!
love j

Jeannene said...

Love your Daybed for your daughter. I am sure she loves it as one day I will put one in my daughter's room.

Love that last pick, but personally I would "shooo" that dogie off that beautiful mattress...lol!!

Hope you are doing well, and keep up the "shopping;-))"


montaguepiedaterre.blogspot.com said...

Found your blog via the Good Year movie search. This blog has lots of activity. My wife and I visit France every year and are very familiar with all of the scenes where A Good Year was filmed. In fact, the mansion is at a vineyard called LaCanorgue which you should be able to find on the internet. The whole area is magically romantic and if you need a romantic place to stay, let me know.

AnastasiaC said...

its lovely anna...a great buy and looks like you have a nice space for it - enjoy lounging around!!!

The Rauths said...

just found your blog...love it and the bed!

Villa Anna said...

Thanks Julia :)

I've seen some of the flea markets and antique stores around your area from watching old Rachel Ashwell Shabby Chic episodes. You're right, they are amazing! Our flea markets are pathetic in comparison lol. I still find a treasure or two every now and then.

Anna ;)

Villa Anna said...

Hey Jeannene :)

Thank you, I think a scrolly daybed would be perfect also for your little princess, filled with pillows and teddies.

Anna :)

Villa Anna said...

Thanks Anastasia :)

I'm not thrilled about placing it under the window but unfortunately Soph's room is awkward and that is really the only place it could go.

Anna :)

Villa Anna said...

Thank you Mr & Mrs Rauth and Welcome!

Anna :)

Anonymous said...

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