Tuesday, July 1, 2008

My Amazon wish list...

For todays post I thought I feature my LONG list of books I'd love to add to my design library.

With the Aussie dollar doing so well against the Yankee dollar at the moment it's actually cheaper to buy books online at Amazon.com including postage from the U.S than the astronomical prices they charge at Borders.

While I was browsing Amazon last night these are the books that appealed to me. If any of you have any of these books and can offer me a recommendation or if you know of one or two not being that great I'd really appreciate the feedback :)

The two books above I actually plan on purchasing this weekend as I head up to our holiday house. I know my favourite store Veranda stocks these imports. There is only one Veranda store in Sydney and unfortunately it's over an hour away from me so I only get to visit when I travel up north for holidays. This is also the only store I know of who stocks these exquisite books.

The next 7 above look to be stunning books just by their titles and covers.

I LOVE Betty Lou Phillips! Her books are some of my favourites. This will be my 5th BLP book and judging by the gorgeous cover I'm sure it will not disappoint :)

^^I can't get enough of my French country style books :)

And I thought I'd throw a Tuscan style book in the mix for something different.

The next 4 books above are must haves I know. I've tried so hard to get Kelly Wearstler's book but it sells out so quickly and you can't get it anywhere in Oz.

As a design student the remaining books on my list would be very handy books to own as well as beautiful and interesting.

So thats it - finally lol. Of course these all wont be purchased at the same time but I will get there eventually lol. My love for design books is a scary obsession but I guess there are worse things I could be spending my money on :)


pinkstilettos said...

Oh thanks for this post! They all look like such great books. Looks like I am going to be going to the library soon. Have a nice day! DAisy~

vosgesparis said...

there are / were? tons of books of the french funiture style in our second hand book shop,. i have it aswell, as some others on your wish list... but then... you have so many books on your shelf ;))lucky you.

Millie said...

What a fabulous post Anna & thanks for the reminder that now is a great time to buy.
There are 3 extra I would put on my list:
*At Home With White (Atlanta Bartlett, Karen Callen & Polly Wreford).
*Your Home as a Sanctuary (Josephine Collins).
*The Southern Cottage (Susan Scully).
Happy Shopping!
Millie ^_^

atticmag said...

Hi Anna,

I'd like to invite you and anyone else with wonderful books like these to add your comments to our Book Reviews page. We have a great many books listed, but are always eager to add more. We're hoping it will be a source for all to read what other design/decorating enthusiasts think of the various books on the market.

I hope it's ok to that mention that here. I'd love to hear your feedback on the books you have.

Have a wonderful holiday. Jane

Mélanie said...

What a LONG list !
I know some but I've never heard about others! I have to check as it is cheaper to buy american books from the US with euros

Herbgirl said...

I, too, love to peruse decorating books. The pictures are so inspiring and beautiful. I have two of Nell Hill's books and they are great. Loads of pics and inspiring reading. I also have Vintage Vavoom and really enjoy it also. Happy Reading!

A-M said...

Oh I am doing Amazon this weekend after seeing this beautiful wishlist! A-M xx

Anonymous said...

Mary Carol Garrity (Feather Your Nest) has the most fabulous stores in Atchison, Kansas of all places!!! My sister lives about an hour away from Atchison and each time I visit her, we make the trip to Atchison and ALWAYS find great things for our homes! Nell Hill's is the house "stuff" and what fabulous things I have found there! She also has a antique furniture store which she mixes with items from Nell Hill's, and then a store for custom bedding, window treatments, etc. She has now opened another big store south of Kansas City, MO that is custom furniture, etc. Her stores are stuffed with great "stuff" and are always crowded. I have all her other books so will be adding this new one to my collection.

Love this blog -- found it recently and can't get enough! Love all the stuff you love!!!


KarenB said...

I also have Nell Hills books and have been to her store. I think she only has one or two left in Atchison and the new one in KC. The absolutely best time to visit is before Christmas. Absolutely AMAZING. I also have and love Decorating Junk Market Style. I love using things for different purposes than they were originally intended. I bet all the books are fun. I looked through Vintage French Interiors and wasn't all that inspired. Maybe it's just me.