Friday, July 18, 2008

One of my favourite places in the whole world...

Well I'm back from my short break with my mum and the kids on Sydney's central coast. I feel so blessed to have this wonderful home in my family for us to share and enjoy. My parents and grandparents built this home almost 30 years ago and my grandparents lived there for 25yrs till their passing. Now it's used as a holiday house by my extended family.

My Pa was a "jack of all trades" and he made the tumbling water feature and planted the garden. Beautiful agapanthus and daisy's bloom in the spring. The plaque reads "grandpa's garden".
He also built all the timber work for the house including the pillars and crisscrossed balcony.

The interiors are very basic but comfortable and most of it is still as it was while my GP's resided.

^^This is bedroom 3

^^This is bedroom 4 or the nursery.

Sophie sitting on the bank of the lake sketching a duck.

This is the back of the house at sunset.

Sunset over the lake.

I HAD to mention, during our time away we got the chance to see Mamma Mia. It was BRILLIANT! I couldn't help dancing and singing in my chair like the dork I am lol. If you haven't seen it yet GO NOW! lol ;)

^^ My favourite scene

I ADORED the bohemian interiors of Villa Donna hehe. I have decided I am completely obsessed with aqua walls and shutters and they featured in abundance in this movie.

^^ Colin Firth = YUM! ;)

Another day was spent at the beach only 2mins away. The temperature was only around 20 degrees celcius but the sky was crystal clear, the sun was shining, the sand was clean and soft and the water was sparkling blue. I was wearing yoga pants and a hoody but the kids headed straight for the water - crazy kids!

^^The fortress

^^Emu Sophie

They insisted the water was warm, I wasn't convinced lol.

^^Aussie boy Will :)
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Anyways I'm happy to be back on deck and catch up on all my favourite blogs. I've missed you!


Brierley & Clover said...

I feel relaxed just looking at the photos! It's wonderful that you've been able to keep your grandparents' house in the family, it must hold many wonderful memories.

Country French Antiques said...

So wonderful that your family has kept your GP home and the beach looks soooo good!
Welcome home and glad you had a good time!

Linda said...

I saw the play of Mama Mia many years ago and have just started hearing about the movie. I will have to find here in my neck of the woods.

Kathy said...

What a haven. The one of the head in the sand and butt sticking up (Emma?) made me laugh out loud! Precious memories you are creating for them!


It all looks so carefree and happy. You are a lucky girl my friend.

~j~ said...

Oh Anna, i am so happy for your time away, what a treasure your family has in this beautiful home!
Thanks so kindly for sharing it.
I will take your advice and go see that movie! It looks darling.
Have a wonderful weekend Anna,
love julia

Shannon Fricke said...

Hi Anna,
Your holiday sounds and looks divine. I saw Mamma Mia in the hols with my daughter too - what a gorgeous film - I just loved it

Geisslein said...

OH, what a WONDERFUL House!!!
I look forward to see mamma mia next week with a friend - and I think I will love it... :o)
wish you a nice weekend
Sunny Greetings from germany

vosgesparis said...

bless you with such a beautiful summer house ;) I wish you many happy days with your family in it! said...

Wonderful, indeed!

Have an enjoyable w/end.

Greetings from Stockholm!

KarenB said...

Thanks for posting the stills from Mamma Mia. I just saw it Saturday and was trying to locate picture of the beautiful fabrics hanging in the courtyard, her "laundry". Is it possible to find them? This bedroom scene is precious to me since my oldest daughter is getting married soon. Plus, the room colors are my favorite with red and aqua. LOVE IT.
Karen B.

Villa Anna said...

Karen, I too am a big red and aqua fan and how funny, I was looking for some stills of her laundry also but couldn't find any. They may surface at some point.

Anna :)

Mandi said...

Your holiday home looks delightful...what a wonderful place and what a wonderful family...thanks for sharing....

Mélanie said...

wonderful house !! a perfect nest !