Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Extended Hiatus

This is a post I never saw coming at the end of last year thats for sure. I've sadly decided to take an extended break from my blog as my heart just isn't in it anymore. I've got a bit going on personally and I'm feeling a little drained and uninspired. Most evenings I sit at my computer to try and compile something constructive and It just doesn't come. I hope I'll snap out of it soon enough, but in the mean time, I apologize for not keeping up with everyone's amazing posts. I do truly miss you all.


the paris apartment said...

Anna, you will be missed but I totally understand. Take all the time you need.Inspiration comes when you least expect it. I'm thinking about you and your country with love and prayers.

Alison Gibbs said...

Don't be gone too long now!
When things are tough, blogland can sometimes be a great release.
Take care

MelsRosePlace said...

I know how you feel Anna...funny but i was just thinking about you on the way home and thought i must email to see if you are ok as you have not posted for a while. Have a break and you will probably (i hope) come back to your blog when you are feeling more renewed & refreshed. Take care though i miss your beautiful updates. Mel xxx

Porchlight Interiors said...

So sorry to hear this Anna, but I'm glad you are taking time for yourself. I hope you will come back refreshed and inspired - we will miss you! Hayley & Tracey xx

vicki archer said...

Take all the time you need and I wish you all the luck in the world with whatever it is that is troubling you, xv.

ness lockyer said...

Oh dear Anna,
I know how you feel.
I hope you dont give up completely will be missed.
Have your break, have fun and hopefully we will see you soon.
Take care flower,
Ness xx

Miss Kris said...

Dearest Anna,

Please take your time and I do wish you the best with whatever you may be going through personally. It is something I do understand. On another note, I just want to thank you personally for your beautiful blog. As you know it is you that inspired me with your beautiful images and wonderful words. Best wishes dear Anna. We will miss you ~Miss Kris~

gina said...

I love your blog so don't go to long. But do what you need to, you will be missed and thought of.

Willow Decor: said...

Wish you luck in getting thru these difficult times. We will be here for you when you return!!

The Carolina Quilter said...

Oh, I was just getting to 'know' you! But I understand--feeling a bit scattered, unaccomplished, discouraged, etc. myself lately. Hope you'll come back to it in time and meantime, hope you take care of yourself.

Mini Leaps and Bounds

viera said...

Dear Anna I wish you all the best in whatever you do. I hope you will come back refreshed and with a load of inspirations.
Good Luck

Millie said...

No apologies needed sweet Anna. I understand, so just get through this time the best way you can. Thinking of you often & sending hugs your way.
Millie ^_^

Gail McCormack said...

Hi Anna

It's only natural to feel burnt out everynow and again, glad you've done the sensible thing and decided to take a break, I'm sure your creative juices will come flowing back to you in no time at all. Your blog is one of my favourites

I sincerely hope the personal problem gets resolved, don't forget you've got loads of blogging buddies out there if you need a little TLC!!

thinking of you

lily-g said...

I'm so sad I will miss you so much but totally understand, I found you very inspiring and I loved all your posts. If your ever in Brisbane please call me I would love to take you out for Lunch with the bogging girls in Brisbane,take care x

Anna Spiro said...

Hi Anna - I know I don't comment very often {very bad I know} but I want you to know that I check out your blog all the time. I absolutely love what you post and I'll definitely miss your beautiful posts! BUT - I totally understand how you feel because I too feel the same way at times....there is so much pressure to post beautiful things all the time! Take a well deserved break and we will all be here waiting for your return! And I'm with Judy if you are ever in Brizzie we'd all love to catch up with you!

Velvet and Linen said...

I will miss you Anna, but I think all of us bloggers understand. Sometimes it is difficult to be inspired when other things in our lives get complicated. I know that there have been times when I have felt that way! We all do this for as long as it feels good to us. My thoughts and prayers are with you, Anna. I do hope that you will eventually find your inspiration again.


AnastasiaC said...

hope you find inspiration soon...its all very normal to feel this way! take care of yourself sweet

OLIVEAUX said...

Yes, we all understand and hope you get through this time, I have enjoyed your blog and all your lovely comments. Hopefully you will be back soon refreshed & inspired.
Take care,
Amanda x

~j~ said...

Hello Sweet Friend,
I recently did just the same thing for the exact same reason, it's so hard to do after making such lovely friends but I am so proud of you for looking after you! and anyway we will always be here for each other!
much Love,

A-M said...

Miss Anna,
Be kind to yourself and take your time to do what you have to do. We will wait for you. Miss you. A-M xx

Anonymous said...

I check in with your blog from time to time and am always knocked out by your content - please take good care of yourself during this hiatus, and thanks so much.

Cote de Texas said...

Gosh, I just am so surprised! I'll miss you! you and anna both! makes me so sad. come back soooooon!!!!!! I hope you are alright. Please email me if you need anything, ok?


We will miss you. We will wait for you to regroup, recharge and rethink this silly blogging world - to return??? (soon) You are the best. Hoping you are O.K. Please take care my friend. You are adored around the world.

Linda Merrill said...

Take the time you need to deal with your personal life. I am just getting through a major life change and taking a break from blogging was an important part of helping me focus on my family. Blogging is fun, but shouldn't be an extra "burden" in one's life. Just please don't delete your blog! I was just introduced to it and want to spend time reading your posts!

Fifi Flowers said...

You will be missed! Do what you have to do that is best for you! Should you decide to come back... we will be here. Take care and be happy!

lily-g said...

still missing you......

Leeann said...

I hope that you have a good break - I have just discovered your blog and I love it!

If you ever want a break in France please let me know, it maybe just the place to recharge those batteries!

We even have a couple of Aussies in the village so you will not get homesick:-)

A bientot

Alkemie said...

Hi Anna,

We'll definitely miss all of your gorgeous inspirations but it's important to take time out for one's self. Being drained certainly puts a damper on inspiration and blogging does take a huge of amount time. Take care of yourself Anna! I hope to see you come back later or even popping back in when inspiration does strike.

Karen Olivia

Visual Vamp said...

Aw what's wrong with you and Anna?
Now don't make me come over there and shake you up and make you laugh.
Really, I hope you're okay.
You've given so very much to us all for a very long time.
But selfish me hopes that ol' devil blogger feeling lures you back to us sooner than later.
Much, much love
xo xo

françoise said...

Anna, I never commented on your blog but I do love your taste and postings. Take your time, we'll be waiting for you

Shannon Fricke said...

Take your time Anna - sometimes we need some space from the world so that we can find ourselves again.

Chrisy said...

Hope you're looking after yourself...keep reaching out...

Linda/ "Mom..." said...

Anna, I'm going to simply "ditto" the comments made above by FRANCOISE~~~ Blessings for a healthy rejuvination~~~ Warmly, Linda/ RMS "Mom of a German SHorthair"

Patricia Gray said...

I think all of us Bloggers go through dry times..don't be hard on yourself, take good care and try to follow you Bliss whereever that may lead. All the best to you.
Kindest Regards

Shannon Fricke said...

Just checking in!
Thinking of you.


I miss you. Big Hug.

AnastasiaC said...

hey Anna
hope you're not away too long...miss your lovely posts!

Betsy said...

Don't you stay away too long, I love your posts. I know how it is to have things going on and when you need a break, you SHOULD take one. Hope to hear from you soon.