Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Home Made...

How much have I enjoyed this series?!!! It's been so great! I'll actually be sad when it's over :(
I couldn't be more thrilled with the two finalists. They are both so amazingly talented it's awe inspiring.
My pick for the winner is Jason. Despite the fact he's a little bit saucy and comes across as a real gentleman, I am sooooo in love with his designs! Every week he's pushed the bar and delivered brilliance.
Last nights home was his best yet. The blue and white colour scheme had me swooning. I absolutely adored it. I love that he loves a more traditional look and I've noticed now a couple of his rooms really have a beautiful plantation feel to them. Not once have I ever felt his rooms looked like show rooms. They scream comfort and glamour without being pretentious.

The bedrooms and livingrooms are Jasons designs and the kitchen and bathroom are Darren.
Oh those ornate ceilings and the empire chandelier, blue walls and sisal rug are simply exquisite!

IMO Darren is the master of texture. This bathroom presented a real problem for him and he tackled it head on with an unforgettable result.

This whole home just flows so beautifully. I just hope the owners don't tire from the colour blue anytime soon :/

The family room.

The guest bedroom.

The master bedroom.

The sexy designer himself Jason Sullivan.
To see the before shots and videos of this house and the other house it competed with, as well as previous homes from the previous weeks, go to


Moonspinner said...

Geez he is sexy, I must watch this show (for the great designs of course).

Actually I really love the living room.

Katrina Chambers said...

Hey Anna,
Love this show!

Porchlight Interiors said...

I've loved watching this show as well! I've been hoping Jason would win from the start because he has had consistently good designs! Good to see you posting again Anna! Tracey xx

Revisionista said...

first off, WOWZA that's one hot designer ;P

Second, I'm glad you're back. I really missed your posts!

ness lockyer said...

Welcome back Flower!
I too am a fan of this show, and Jason is my pick too. I loved living room he done in the white 70's style house. It was very plantaion, RL and blue and white.
I do miss Annies antics though!
Ness xx

All things pretty said...

I love this show and Jason is my favourite. I loved the wow factor from Ritchie and Chantelle's house (loved the black and white master bedroom) but Jason and Darren's house was much more livable.

the*pink*princess said...

I've never watched it but gee he is tasty!!!!

Alicia B. Designs said...

I love his use of black/dark paint and then WOW he's attractive!

Sassa said...

Hallo Anna,
I have just started with my blog.
It takes time to be as good as you.
I am going to show designers in Sweden who I really like.
I wiil get some help from a good friend and then the pictures can be interesting for you I hope.

The home you show: Is it in Sydney
Do you have a shop ?
Greetings from Sassa

Flax and spindle said...

Just found your blog, love it!! going to look around now I might be here a while!


Villa Anna said...

Thanks friends, it's nice to be back :)

Welcome Sassa, I adore swedish design! This home is in Sydney yes. This series of the show Home Made was all based in Sydney.

Welcome Darlene, nice to meet you :)