Saturday, July 4, 2009

For the love of the Sweeds...

A few sundays ago my family and I took a day trip out to a wonderful part of Sydney called The Blue Mountains. It's one of my favourite places to visit, especially during winter. The air is so crisp and the autumn colours still present on the foliage is beautiful. It's a very old part of Sydney about a 3 hour drive inland from the coast. It has so much character with it's quaint cottages and shops and lets not forget the breathtaking expansive mountains and parklands.

While visiting one of the most exquisite shops - Maison Montage - in a little town called Leura I was lucky enough to finally grab a copy of this enchanting book - Swedish Interiors.

I know most of you probably already own this heavenly gem but I wanted to post a few of my favourite inspirational images from it's glossy pages.

please click image to enlarge

my sincerest apologies for my dodgy scanning.

This room is usually a little more contemporary for my taste but can you imagine the wonderful parties one could host in a setting like this? An abundance of candles and mood lighting, complementary music, dancing and comfortable conversation surrounding that crackling fire.....It's a little bit awesome don't you think? :)

I've also made some new Swedish blogging friends I'm excited about...

Splendid Willow - A Sweed living in America

^^ I am sooooooo in love with this room! *sigh*

Wabi & Sabi - Sweden

Stop by and say G'day, they have some STUNNING images!


Ivy Lane said...

BeaUUUUtiful post!!!!! Thanks for sharing all this beauty today!

Monika said...

Anna, how fun! I will check out the other Swedish blogs. And I would not leave THAT party!! (: What a room!

Velvet and Linen said...

Hi Anna!
So nice to see your new beautiful posts.
You know I love all things Swedish. Swedish Interiors is one of my favorite books!
Thank you for the links of your new Swedish friends.
I'm off for a visit.


alice said...

Swedish Interiors is on of my favorite books, I love the images you've shown here! Off now to visit these pretty blogs!

Gail McCormack said...

Thanks Anna for another wonderful, inspiring post.

I've just posted a photo on my blog of a Swedish Bench which needs a makeover, your photos have been very inspirational!

dustjacket attic said...

The blue mountians are beautiful and the lovely towns!

I don't have 'Swedish Interiors' it looks excellent.

Lovely post.

Jennifer said...

That's one of my favourite shops too and I bought a book I had been looking for there a few years ago. Fabulous images. I'll add that book to my list of Must Haves.

LillaFlisan said...

What a lovely blog you got!

I'm so glad to see that our little country and our simple "interiour style" is loved even on the other side of the world!


Flisan, sweden

Sue said...

Hi Anna, you should have dropped in!!
I love that shop too, and a couple of months ago, I purchased a few books, but didnt see that one, its gorgeous!
Hope you had a great time in the mountains, it is so beautiful at this time of the year, well anytime! I take it for granted sometimes, only sometimes!

Oliveaux said...

So many gorgeous images...such a treat! I would love a garden house just like the 5th picture. Ax

Alicia said...

I'm mad about the to Amazon I go!!!
I also have a bounty of Scandnavian blogs I love. It inspired a recent imaginary white retreat I hosted & posted. I just wish they'd all have a translator.

Sabrina (Fata Minore) nata al tramonto said...

Very nice blog :)

Laboratorio Delle Fate