Thursday, September 3, 2009

Pure Indulgence...

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Soooo If I could have one really big indulgence in life it would have to be my very own bathing/dressing room and it would look just like the one above.

As we all know bathing is actually an art form and a moment in time that should never be rushed. Bathing and dressing for less than an hour is a sin. It's a time, whether you're a busy career woman or housewife for you to unwind and forget about the stresses of the day.

From the book Comfortable Country - Having a bath is a superbly comfortable way of slowing down. Bathing is not simply to do with getting clean; a shower can do that. The ritual of running the water, adding a swoosh of scented salts or a glug of luxurious oil, then sliding down for a long soak, makes having a bath a ceremony.

For true connoisseurs of bathing you must begin with a truly spectacular bath. Something so alluring you can't bare to be away from it. My favourite is this stunning stone bath or even a copper or claw foot.

The iron or glass table is a sweet addition for your scented candles, oils and perhaps a glass of wine :)

A simple chandelier is a must as well as some beautiful hooks or a dressing screen for a robe

I believe the picture above is the same room as the first, styled differently.

Again, this is the same room but you can see it's actually a whole bedroom. My bathing/dressing room would be seperate from my bedroom for complete privacy and no disruptions.

I do love the idea of the bathtub at a window. If bathing while the sun is still up, soaking while letting your thoughts drift outside is pure bliss.

The above pic is my father and step mothers guest bathroom in their home in the southern highlands. The relaxing view outside that window is absolutely stunning.

I imagine these beautiful etched doors would lead me from my bedroom to my bathing room with a white sheer curtain pulled across once inside.

I would have a big white fluffy rug to soften and pamper my feet with the luxurious texture.

I'm also thinking a fireplace of some sort is quite essential.

Once your bathing is done it's time for dressing. I would have a large antique armoire in the room filled with fluffy white towels. It also makes perfect storage for your candles, oils and salts supplies.

Finally, no bathing/dressing room would be complete without a stunning girly vanity. Mine would look similar to this with a skirt, tufted chair or stool, marble top, venetian mirror, sconces and an abundance of perfumes and lotions, powders and a little makeup.


thank you for allowing me to dream a while ;)

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Alison Gibbs said...

Oh what gorgeous bathrooms. I love the stone bath. How fabulous it would be to have the time to just lay back and relax in any of these beautiful rooms

Maranda @ {Evoked} said...

How divine! I feel relaxed just looking at these pictures. I am soooo going to take a nice long relaxing soak tonight!

Oana said...

Thank you for this wonderful images.I had one of the most pleasant evenings reading youre blog.

Greet said...

Oh my God!! Amazing images!
I also like the bath to be placed on a window!
I have presented this idea to one of my clients yesterday and thanks God they were so excited about this idea!
Lucky me!


Maryam in Marrakesh said...

I am so so sad that we designed and built our own house and I didn't get the big walk in closet/room of my dreams:-( What was I ever thinking?

Homes-Suite-Homes said...

I love these bathrooms. If you ask me a bathroom isn't a bathroom without a bath! You are right, a shower just isn't quite the same. I love the free standing bath next to the fireplace, how idealic would it be on a cold winter's evening?

I think every girl dreams of having that perfect bathroom and dressing room. To complete the house you should check this out for ideas on every girls dream bedroom:

A-M said...

Oh these are so beautiful Anna. I had my first bath in this house this weekend. It was just bubble bliss. I'd forgotten how (as you said) it is more than just getting clean, it's a ceremony. Gorgeous images! A-M xx

The Carolina Quilter said...

Quite divine! I do have a garden tub beside a large window looking out to the trees but don't often get to turn on the jets and really indulge in a lengthy, luxuriating bath. These photos are lovely.

Mini Leaps and Bounds

Kifus said...

Ohhh how I love etched glass! Where I live it's veeery expensive so I'll just have to admire them in pictures!


spa-like perfection...outdoors would be nice too

Atticmag said...

Hi Anna,

As always, your blog is filled with inspirational lovliness~!

The treadle sewing machine sink base is very clever. Never seen anything like that. Now I know what to do with the one I've been hoarding all these years. Wonderful~! Jane T.

Janet K @ Manly Gallery said...

Dont forget you have to clean them! so you had better employ a cleaner to do that for you to complete the dream. Beautiful images. Many thanks. said...

So many cool pictures... Thanks for sharing.

Velvet and Linen said...

We are two peas in a pod, Anna.
That Domino image is one of my favorites.
Just dreamy.


Inspired Comblogulations said...

I am new to blogging... but I must say in the short time I have been visiting blogs... you have certainly "wowed" me. Impressive.
Just thought I would leave a comment and I placed you on my blog list.
Thanks for the inpirations.

Roberta said...

I hadn't seen all of the images of the first bath but have always love this one! thanks

London Calling said...

Inspiring beauty in each image. Smiles, LC

Lettered Cottage said...

You had me at "pure indulgence"....

What a wonderful and inspiring post- thank you!


Lauren said...

Oooh this is lovely. Baths are an overlooked luxury! And there are so many good ones out there...I've always loved my grandmother's antique claw footed tub. Or a hefty marble tub... mmm


Anonymous said...

I adore clawfoot tubs. Thank you for the inpsiring photos!

michèle said...

How gorgeous - 18th century "Barry Lyndon" meets 19th century "Pretty Baby" - very sexy and sensual

Shelle said...

hi, followed you over from lilyg. I just died & went to heaven! I'm still tossing up between a claw foot & spa tub for my bathroom.

Gail said...

Wow what an inspiration your post on baths. I am in the process of decorating outside of the window over my tub. My husband has built a stone wall and we are looking for the perfect fountain and/or statue. I hope to feature it on my blog when it is finished. Thanks for the post, I loved it.