Friday, August 1, 2008

A special evening...

I wanted to quickly tell you about my evening on wednesday. My gorgeous friend Jeanette and I trotted off to a new products launch at Domayne furniture. With champagne, canapes and a talk from Belle magazines editor Cerentha Harris and editor-in-chief Neale Whitaker, I was excited!

I was even more excited when they spoke about the latest design trends from the Milan furniture fair. 1940's Hollywood glamour is the look of the season. Black leather, gold, tuft, organic and lots of bling. Fabulous! Just my style :)

My excitement however soon turned to total embarrassment when my friend jumped up after the talk and thrust me into an unexpected conversation with Mr Whitaker. I was literally shaking with nerves, I felt so inadequate, inarticulate and uneducated. We spoke about the power of design blogs, my love of tufted furniture and my studies. I remember him asking me who my tutor is and I completely forgot his name (which I know well!)lol. Sorry Simon lol. Looks like I'm going to have to deal with a little anxiety issue.
Anyway the evening was very informative and I overall had a great time. Thank you Jeanette for the invitation. We absolutely have to do more of these kinds of things :)


passion for rugs @ atticmag said...

Anna, the evening sounds wonderful. Would love to hear more about your discussion on the power of design blogs. Hope you'll blog about it in the future. Jane
P.S. I have never found any of your posts to be inadequate, inarticulate or uneducated..quite the contrary!!

Alkemie said...

The party sounds so exciing! thanks for sharing with us. I've never seen Belle magazine, I will have to check it out. Which country publishes it?


Villa Anna said...

Jane - you are very sweet for saying that, thank you :)

Our blogging conversation was very brief. As I mentioned my Interior Design studies I also mentioned how discovering design blogs has helped me immensely with those studies and how much I learn from them and he went on to tell me about an article in the current issue of his magazine all about design blogs and whats hot. The only two I recognized from the list was Desire to Inspire and The Style Files.

Anna :)

Villa Anna said...

Karen, it's wasn't really a party more of a sales gimmick lol

Belle magazine is an Australian publication.

Anna :)

All Things Bright and Beautiful... said...

Anna, WOW what and opportunity!! - I read in their June July issue that they were thinking of doing presentations . Tell more tell more!! Every last detail!!



Villa Anna said...

Hi Felicity, it's nice to see you round these parts again :)

There's really not much more to tell. The presentation was basically about everything thats in the August/September issue of the magazine and the 100 best design buys from Domayne furniture.

My conversation I'd prefer to forget LOL. Next time I go to one of these events I'll be more prepared.

Anna ;)

All Things Bright and Beautiful... said...

:-) - Oh girl - you're gorgeous :-)