Sunday, May 11, 2008

Happy Mothers Day...

(Mum's european courtyard)

(nephew Zach loving the autumn leaves)

(backyard bbq)


(little Zach and big "cuz" Will smelling the last of the roses)

Sisters and I celebrated mothers day today with a favourite breakfast at mum's.
Pink champagne, homemade pancakes, fresh fruit and loads of syrup were on the menu this morning :)
After our bellies were full and we'd quenched our thirst we were off for some retail therapy (don't worry I only had one glass of champers...ok maybe one and a half ;) )
I thought I'd take some pics of my mum's pretty autumn garden.
I wish all the deserving mum's out there a truly wonderful and memorable mothers day :)


AnastasiaC said...

what a beautiful garden your mum has! hope you had a super mothers day anna!! i havent stopped eating all day...was fun though!

stljoie said...

Happy Mother's Day. I forget how far apart we are in autumn and we are in spring here, St. Louis, Missoui on the Mississippi River smack in the middle of USA.

Lilla Blanka said...

Came here from My lovely Cottage. I think the courtyard is beautiful.! Oh yes you are going to autumn now..we have almost summer here in Sweden.
Have a great week!

Sue said...

Sounds like you had a wonderful mothers day, and the brekky sounds scrumptious! What a lovely garden your mum has!

~j~ said...

Hello Dear Anna,
thank you so much for sharing your beautiful day and your mothers lovely yard! I am in love with her courtyard area. And the menu for breakfast brought back memories of mothers day past.... hmm pancakes with syrup, simply heavenly!
love to you dear friend,
love julia