Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Lovely Laundries...

(The above 2 images are courtesy of Hamptons Designs)

One of the major reasons for my lack of posts over the past few weeks has been due to my commitment towards my Interior Design studies. The assigments have been quite intense yet incredibly enjoyable.

I've had to distinguish between good and bad design and not to confuse that with good and bad aesthetics.
I've had to put some colour schemes together using the colour wheel.
I've had to enhance a property for sale using a small budget.
I've had to draw floor plans and one point perspective view plans (wow that was hard!) and compose sample boards.

The assignment I'm working on now involves me acting as an interior designer and find a volunteer to act as my client. I have to go through the process from the initial consultation to the final presentation of my ideas. Two of my lovely friends, Brook and Janette offered me a room in their homes to work with. Brook wants to completely renovate her laundry/mud/guest bathroom and Janette has a lovely sunroom at the back of her home she wants ideas for.

I'm starting with Brook's room as she's already ripped everything out to a bare minimum. I've been scanning through books, magazines, websites and blogs to find some inspirational ideas and here is just a smidgen of what I found.

Just like a bathroom, who says you can't glam up your laundry room? We have definately decided to go with the Vintage pretty look. We both love muted hues, florals and chippy paint. Brook is lucky to have a fairly large space so we thought considering one spends quite alot of time domestically working in this area why not make it a room you can enjoy and not feel like you're doing the daily chores.

So far we have decided on travertine tiles for the floors and two half walls sectioning off the bathroom, antique white polyurethane cabinetry, a farmers sink, brass tapware bought at the flea markets, pidgeon holes with wicker baskets and the piece de resistance...a chandelier!

(the above 5 images are courtesy of homespun living @ flickr)

The above pedestal is just about identical to the one we chose for the bathroom.

(above 2 images courtesy of Chez Larsson @ flickr)

(above image by notebook magazine)
We still haven't decided on the bench tops but I'm sure they will be light coloured like the one above.

We love the idea of housing your washing powder in a beautiful porcelain bowl and scooping it out with a tea cup :)

(the above two images and inspirational ideas came from the Australian Vintage Living book by Bronnie Masefau)
The image above and below offer me inspiration as to what else I can do with my recent balustrade's purchase :)

(above image courtesy of cottage living via The Inspired room)

We have a $5000 budget and so far so good lol. I have taken before shots and I'll definately take after shots when it's all finished. I'm so excited for her, I'm sure it's going to be beautiful :)


lily-g said...

I have just found your gorgeous blog, what great pictures of laundry's you have inspired me to spruce up mine (looking abit drab)
hope you dont mind if I add you to my blog

Gail McCormack said...

Anna, I love so many of your Laundry ideas, even the tiny little transititon of me putting my boring washing powder in a lovely glass canister with a scoop, which I then displayed on our laundry bench made my daily mundane laundry chores seem slightly more exciting, this project of yours is going to be wonderful to follow, pleae keep us updated and good luck to you with your studies, I admire you greatly!!!

Holly said...

Ok, If the beautiful spaces didn't make me want to get up and start the wash, the tea cup sure did! Wonderful post!!! Thanks for the bit of inspiration!!!

A-M said...

Hello fellow Aussie with fantastic taste! I just found your blog via Lily G. OMG I love those laundries. I am off to my kitchen designers today and I have printed out the Hamptons Designs laundry, you featured, for my laundry brief. Thank you for the inspiration! You are now on my daily 'blog stalking' list! A-M xx

A-M said...

Done, 24 hours later (thanks entirely to your post) I have a new laundry design all drawn up! I have mentioned you in my post today and have used the 2 beautiful images. Thanks! A-M xx

Melissa @ The Inspired Room said...

What a gorgeous post!

I love it, it's really inspiring!


~j~ said...

Hi Anna!
look at you go!! I am soo proud of you. Love these laundry posts, hmmm perhaps a re-do in my own teeny space is in order with all these inspirations. Your friends are so blessed to have you Anna!
hugs to you my friend,

Chantal Butcher said...

Hi i was led to your blog via AM's and that i found you. I had a little chuckle to myself reading about your interior design course assignments as we MUST be doing the same one. Love the laundry's, we own a joinery business in victoria so it is always nice to find out what people are loving at the moment. hope you dont mind if i link you to my blog. Good luck with the studies, you are miles ahead of me. i had to resubmitt my colour scheme which left me dragging my feet:(

Sue said...

Ah, I can relate to your exciting Interior Design classes. The perspective drawing is what did me in. That's when I gave up the ciriculum, silly me. It sounds like you are doing a great job.
I love the pictures you have posted for laundry rooms, mine eventually needs an over haul. Hope you post pictures of your progress on your project.

Things That Inspire said...

I love all of your pictures because they are light and bright! I always think places that should represent cleanliness and freshness should be white. So, kitchens and laundry rooms are the perfect candidates for white!