Tuesday, October 21, 2008

A before and after you don't want to miss!





If there is anyone out there who hasn't yet heard of Brooke and Steve Giannetti then you better hurry and get with the program cause you're missing out!

This husband and wife are a well respected and highly successful architect and interior designer team from California, USA. Their breathtakingly beautiful projects have graced the pages of such wonderful magazines and books as Veranda and Roots of Home.

From their website - Brooke Giannetti's designs express her desire to touch the emotions. Her interiors incorporate her love of antiques, beautiful fabrics, and classic design infused with a bit of whimsy. She works with her clients to find a unique design vocabulary for each project that will reflect the client's own personality mixed with Brooke's unique design sensibilities. Her attention to detail and her sense of style have won her a loyal clientele.

The stunning images above are of their transformed Marina Beach house. I am smitten!

Brooke's blog (Velvet & Linen) and website (Giannetti architecture and interiors) are a MUST SEE! Her style is ever so classic and timeless and relaxed and beautiful. I told Brooke in an email, with the highest respect, her style and approach is exactly the kind I hope to emulate someday.

Completely inspired by Brooke's breakfast room, my mum and I had an idea to try to recreate the look in her new home (she's moving early next year). The first thing we will do is paint all the walls white. My mum has always lived with crisp white walls, it's kinda her signature :) We then found some gorgeous rattan chairs and pedestal table from Riviera Maison. They have a superb range of rattan chairs and you'll find most stores in Australia stock this range. I know Lily-G definately does :)

Our budget is definately smaller than Brooke's so authentic French shutters on the walls are out of the question :) Freedom furniture however have a weathered timber, louvered, three panelled screen/room divider at an affordable price that I think will do the trick. It will definately offer some depth and texture and as you can see I've started collecting various vintage nautical art and accents for that all important touch of whimsy :)

I think a seagrass rug would look great on the floor but I'm struggling big time finding a reproduction French lantern - any suggestions are welcome. I would also LOVE to know what the fabric is on the back seating? It is absolutely stunning! ;)

Please make your way over to Velvet & Linen if you haven't already, to see so much more of Mr & Mrs Giannetti's spectacular designs. If you think their coastal home is gorgeous wait till you see their main residence!! *sighs* ;)

I also wanted to mention my mum, sisters and I skooted off to see Priscilla Queen Of The Desert The Musical at Sydney's Star City casino last night. What can I say...IT WAS OUTSTANDING!!!! We had THE BEST time. For any Sydney siders who have yet to see this extravaganza do yourself a favour and get cracking! You'll laugh your *beep* off and you wont be able to stay still in your seat.

(Ashley & Moi!)

(Sarah, Mum (shy), Ashley)


Velvet and Linen said...

I couldn't be more pleased than to know that I was inspiration to you and your Mum! I hope that you will do a post when her home is finished.
You have provided me with so much inspiration, that I am thrilled to return the favor.


ness lockyer said...

Wow! What a makeover. My sister would be in Heaven here...she loves the seaside theme. I will give her the link (after I have a peep).
Thanks for the info Anna.
Ness xx

Penelope said...

I love the idea of the screens behind the table and chairs, with the old fashioned paintings... looks fabulous.

And speaking of fabulous... wasn't Priscilla GREAT!!!! I saw it a whiole ago, and loved it- the best thing is you know most of the words to the songs too!

Did you see Mama Mia, the movie? Great too.

lily-g said...

OMG...OMG....love it,what a make over, truely inspirational just one of your many gob smacking posts x

Catherine said...

Hello! I've just had a little peak at your blog after Lilly-G posted about this post. Thank you for these photos - they are gorgeous. You know, a lot of people would have looked at the 'before' photos and thought 'what's wrong with these? nothing!" but I'm totally with you. I will take up your suggestion to view their blog and website.


Catherine xx

MelsRosePlace said...

whoah...my perfect rooms too! Am off to check out their blogs/sites too - love what they have done, exactly what i want! Mel xxx

Monkey's Momma said...

Hi! Just wanted to tell you that I discovered your blog and absolutely fell in love. I really enjoy all the beautiful pics. It is nice to look at them all and dream or get INSPIRED!

OLIVEAUX said...

I LOVE Brooke's work! She has done an amazing makeover. Amanda x

Country French Antiques said...

WOW what a makeover.
Now why would you say authentic antique shutters are out of the question? Not so.Just skip a few dinners out with wine and Viola!
Beautiful post (as always)

AnastasiaC said...

ohhh is Priscilla back in town...should be a great night out!!!

Villa Anna said...

Brooke - I am the honoured one that you even visit my humble online abode.

Anna :)

Villa Anna said...

Welcome Penelope :) I did see Mamma Mia - The movie, it was THE BEST! I loved how the residence was called "Villa Donna" hehe.

One of my biggest regrets was not seeing Mamma Mia the show. Now I'm trying to make up for it by not missing any. My next Musical will be My Fair Lady in a couple of weeks. I can't wait.

Anna :)

Villa Anna said...

Welcome Catherine!

Anna :)

Villa Anna said...

Thank you Monkeys Mom (I feel weird saying that lol) and welcome!

Anna :)

Villa Anna said...

LOL Shawn, you're absolutely right!

Anna :)

Villa Anna said...

Don't miss it Ana, you'll love it! And make sure you get one of the cocktail slushy's in the flashing glass!

Anna :)

~j~ said...

Hi Anna!
This couple is amazing, one of the homes he did is right on the way to our church and i can attest to it's magnificence! The pictures you posted are also from a home located just south of us in another beach community, you just have to come visit so we can take you to get up close and personal!!

Anonymous said...

Absolutely fabulous!! Her work is amazing! Thanks for sharing.