Monday, October 13, 2008

It's the time of year to Think Pink!

(Bastienne Van Bockel via Desire to Inspire)
Unfortunately I think it's fairly safe to say most of us have had our hearts touched by someone who suffers or suffered from breast cancer. As a dedication to Breast Cancer awareness month I thought I'd compile all of my favourite pink images into one post and encourage everyone to donate generously :)

(Betsy Johnson)

(Bliss Linens)

(House Beautiful)

(Charles Faudree via Cote de Texas)

(Charles Faudree via Cote de Texas)

(Charlotte Moss)


(Emma Jane Pilkington)

(Mademoiselle Frou Frou)

(Fox-nahem via Desire to Inspire)



(House to Home)

(House to Home)

(Karen Sugarman via All Things Bright & Beautiful)

(Kelly Interior Design)

(Kendall Wilkinson)

(Laura Ashley)

(Marjorie Skouras via Daisy Pink Cupcake)


(Private Collection bedding)

(Brian J McCarthy)

(house to home)

(Architectural Digest)

(Katie Ritter via Cote de Texas)


(Marjorie Skouras via Daisy Pink Cupcake)

(Maria Buatta via Cote de Texas)

(Martha Stewart)

(Miles Redd)

(The Paris Apartment)

(Nella Vetrina via Daisy Pink Cupcake)




(Phillip Gorrivan)

(The Paris Apartment)

(via Alkemie)

(Sheryl Jackman via Alkemie)

(The beach studios)

(The Inspired room)

(The Paris Apartment)

(VT women via house of turquoise)


Anonymous said...


cotedetexas said...

wow - what absolutely gorgeous pictures - I am swooning from them!!!! I could move in in each room and stay for a while. how beautiful! thank you!!!!

Anonymous said...

Absolutely beautiful! Thanks for the inspiration!

Anonymous said...

Kudos for such a lovely and inspiring post!

Anonymous said...

Just gorgeous :)
I'm thrilled to be included in your collection. btw, the one you have marked Sera of London with the mosquito net is mine too!

Villa Anna said...

Clauia! My humble apologies. It's one of my all time favourite pics and when I saved it I stupidly didn't include the source. I couldn't quite remember whether I'd seen it on your site or Sera's so I took a gamble. Thank you so much for the correction.

Anna :)

Linda said...

I looove all of the pink very inspiring.
Cheers Linda

Ness Lockyer said...

What a lovely idea. I love all of the shots...very nice.
Ness xx

Fifi Flowers said...

GREAT pink post! I could sooooo live in sooooo many of those rooms! FUN FUN FUN!

Unknown said...

Beautiful pictures, more beautiful idea!

vicki archer said...

Bravo to you Anna - a very exquisite tribute.

The House That A-M Built said...

what a glorious, glorious post. my best friend in the whole wide world is in treament for breast cancer as we speak. she also lost her husband a month ago. she loves pink. i will show her this post and it will make her smile. beautiful anna! a-m xx

mondocherry said...

Beautiful pinkness, and a great way to remind me of how lucky I am. Thanks

My Pink & Cream Cottage said...

Hey Anna,
Have just found you & boy what a great post to read. I kept saying to myself wow look at that, & look at that!! Thanks for the great read.
Enjoy your day

Lyn xoxoxox

Jinnie said...

Lovely pink! And personally, this tribute is really touching because my grandmother died from breast cancer many years ago.

Anonymous said...

Oh Wow! So many pink interiors! My mother had breast cancer and fortunately has survived and I feel very grateful. We are actually going to a breast cancer awareness party at a local boutique this Friday on our little island of Maui at this store called Epitome. Thanks for sharing such lovely images.

Alkemie said...

Anna you have Completely outdone yourself on this post. Over the top, gorgeous images. Thank you for the inspiration!


Anonymous said...

These images are gorgeous. I love them all. Thank you for the beautiful inspiration!!!!

Paris Hotel Boutique said...

Wow, what a gorgeous post! You really outdid yourself Anna and the pink is scrumptious!!! GORGEOUS!!

Millie said...

Oh Anna - you truly are amazing- this post has been such a treat! I felt my darling Mum (who we lost 20years ago last month) from this terrible disease, standing behind me, with her hand on my shoulder oohing & aahing at these wonderful pink images.
Millie ^_^

Anonymous said...

Beautiful! Thanks for posting my pic from Domino (pink teapot/cup/roses). I took that in my bedroom for the Domino contest. Can we ever have to much pink!

Ellen Mann said...

Ar wow..what a beautiful post - just gorgeous and pink pink pink and the way!

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