Monday, October 20, 2008

A love dedication to pretty handpainted furniture...

(The Paris Apartment)

My post on friday about the stunning apartment in NYC featured a gorgeous old Italian handpainted side table that made my heart sing.

This led me to scroll through my files and find a bunch of images I had to compile into a love dedications post.

(OK magazine)

I am completely head over heels in love with pretty handpainted furniture old and new and especially of the French/Italian floral variety.

Pammy's bed for example, is just about the most beautiful piece of furniture I've ever seen. I turn green when I think about the lucky lucky bugger who purchased it, probably for a steal, at her recent yard sale ;)


Hand painted furniture really began it's origins in Italy around 1283 AD, introduced by Marco Polo who discovered the art whilst travelling through China. Within the next 100 years the Italian Renaissance had its beginnings; the Venetian school of artists, exemplified by Titian, was in full sway by the early 1500's.

(info from Patina)



(House to Home)

(Taverne Agency)

(Charles Faudree)

(Candace Olsen)


(narratives photo agency)

^This is the bed I dream for my daughter :)

(The nostalgia fairy @ flickr)

I would dearly love a piece of my own but without the $15, 000 price tag lol. I'd be more likely to afford a nice piece like the one above. Lovely old queen anne style dressing tables sell all the time on Ebay, if only I could find someone to paint some lovely floral details, it'd look just like and just as beautiful as the real deal. Miss Kris why don't you live in Sydney?! hehe ;)

(A cherished painted chest my Dad bought me for my 30th birthday)

Does anyone own a gorgeous piece of furniture similar to the ones I featured? If so I would LOVE to see a pic. Also if anyone know's of a place I could find one for myself I'd be ever so grateful to be pointed in the right direction :)


Miss Kris said...

I'm there Anna! Oh it would be so much fun to paint a lovely piece for you!!! Lots of flowers and pretties. I'll book my ticket today...hehe
tata ~miss kris~

stljoie said...

They are so utterly feminine. Very, very pretty.

A-M said...

Oh Anna, what a spectacular post... some files you must have!!! My heart skips a beat also with handpainted furniture. I am yet to own a piece but I know I will one day. Very pretty start to my day! oooh here's my coffee... thanks hubby! Have a great day! A-M xx

mishebe said...

I love painted furniture, always have. I wish i could paint like that, my whole house would be done, furniture , walls you name it. lol. mishelle

Fifi Flowers said...

That painted furniture is AMAZING... I love it!

I love your new babies too!

Penelope said...

Hi Anna, there is a lovely shop on Etsy, that sells similarly painted goods, and maybe you could ask them to paint something for you? the shop:
Another idea is that you could buy an old piece of furniture, paint it and decoupage it (i.e.cut out printed paper, and stick it on top). You would save lots of money.

Villa Anna said...

Someday Miss Kris, when I'm rich and famous, I'll pay for you to come down under and paint for me LOL.

Anna ;)

Villa Anna said...

A-M, make sure I receive the first email with pic attachments of your purchase when you do!

Anna ;)

Villa Anna said...

Mishebe, I WISH also!

Anna :)

Villa Anna said...

Thank you so much for the info Penelope :) That etsy site was gorgeous. Unfortunately the items I want painted are large pieces.

I have thought about decals and such but it's not quite the same.

Anna :)

Emma @ White and Wander said...

So funny that you have Pammy's bed - I have actually been searching for shots of her house (much to my dismay!) after seeing it featured on an episode of MTV Cribs - it is the loveliest shabby chic beachhouse ... can't believe it is hers really?!?

Villa Anna said...

Hi Emma, welcome! I featured a post on Pammy's home a while ago, you can see it here

They are the only pics I know of. I remember that cribs episode well. I was drooling the whole time. Of course now she's sold everything and changed her style completely. Is she mad?! lol

Anna :)

dwellings and decor said...

So many beautiful images. I especially love the house to home pink bedroom. Thanks for sharing such lovelies.