Monday, October 27, 2008

Parterre - The ultimate provincial shopping experience in Sydney...

If you are looking to build or fill your home with quintessential authentic French Provincial wares, you live in Sydney and money is no object, then Parterre is just about the most ultimate shopping experience you could have.

Located in the gorgeous historic blue ribbon area of Woollhara, east Sydney and is housed in one of the areas oldest sandstone buildings, it features 2 floors and a walled courtyard bursting at the seams with French treasures.

I have yet to visit this incredibly enticing and breathtakingly beautiful store. I dare not at this stage as I fear it will break my heart not being able to afford anything lol, although I'm sure I'd find something ;) I don't think It could be possible to walk out with no money spent, just look at the endless exquisite unique pieces Parterre source from our beloved France and surrounds.

My wish list begins with these divine 19th century olive oil pots from southern France.

I've always wanted a marble top buffet. I'm now becoming quite partial to French grey patina.

I had to show these stunning butterfly displays to Mz Giannetti :)

I'm head over heels in love with these 19th century bifold doors featuring etched glass, depicting women in the four seasons. A mere $16,000 AUD *faints* ;)

Finally, what provincial home would be complete without a limestone fountain?

Take a peek at their extensive website if you dare or better still take a deep breath and visit the enchanting world that is Parterre.


ness lockyer said...

I have always wanted a peek in there. Next time I'm home, I will have to go and have a real look. It's fab.
Ness xx

Miss Kris said...

Ooohhh! I have to hold my jaw up! What a delightful store! I wish I were so lucky to have an open pocketbook. I would do LOTS of damage.

Thank you for sharing this wonderful store:o)

~Miss Kris~

Velvet and Linen said...

I must save this post for when I come visit Australia!
What an incredible store.
Yes, the butterflies are my favorite. Aren't they a dream! I appreciate the thought.
So inspirational.
Thank you again!

Ivy Lane said...

Oh my! Parterre is a treasure trove! Love the lamps in the second picture, and those olive pots! and the fountain and the.....


Thanks for popping over to my blog today! :)

lady jicky said...

I want that fountain!

qerat said...

Seems like a beauitful shop.

Found you today. Lovely blog

Millie said...

Just love Parterre too Anna. I think it's been through them that I've really begun to understand how to be unafraid in using one oversized object as a piece to draw a room together.
Millie ^_^

Catherine said...

Hello Anna

I made it my mission to visit Parterre on my last business trip to Sydney. I was brave and caught the bus to Wolhara from the city (not that far, but for an Adelaide girl with no sense of direction this was a big step). I also visited Orson and Blake, another favourite, which is just around the corner.

Paterre was everything you would think it would be and more - just beautiful. Yes, most things for sale were jaw droppingly expensive, but not everthing - I did manage to pick up a couple of candlesticks for like $30 each. And I spoke to one of the owners of the shop, and he was very down to earth and lovely and flattered that I had made the visit to his shop. If you can, do visit!


mondo cherry said...

Oh boy, I think it would be very dangerous for me to visit this shop. I do not think I could be trusted with a credit card in there! Now, when can I go?....

Country French Antiques said...

Oh definetly my kind of place!
Great photos!
Have a Happy Halloween!

Mélanie said...

By looking at these pictures , it seems I look into a french window display !
Wonderful inspiration and taste

vosgesparis said...

how cool is that ,... me peeking in a beautiful shop in Sidney ;) Thanks for sharing.

Fifi Flowers said...


MelsRosePlace said...

Completely in love with it - especially those displays of coral. I grew up in Sydney and must say i miss that kind of thing! Mel xx