Thursday, December 4, 2008

My celebrity moment...

Last week I mentioned my home when I was a little girl was featured in a couple of magazines. Well here are the images I promised. It's very 80's now but back then I thought it was a palace lol. The formal lounge we could only look at and not actually enter lol The white lounges were from Peter Meyer Interiors and the soft furnishings were Laura Ashley. This room came complete with cream shagpile carpet, apricot paint and fabrics and maiden hair furns lol :)

I do however still love the colonial double hung windows.

This was the breakfast room looking out over a small courtyard. this room featured old brown vinyl bentwood chairs, pine buffet and hutch, matchstick blinds and navy gingham valance. As you can see this is where my love for blue & white began.

My mum still has many of the items such as the persian rug, cane chairs and country paintings.

The little table and chairs also still exsist and get used by my children and my sisters.

Here is me and my sister Sarah in our terry towelling jumpsuits modelling in our country style kitchen my Pa built. The flooring is vinyl day tiles. I still love this kitchen, especially around the window.

It was very unfortunate that back then half the images were colour and the other half were black and white. The room above was our family room. We used to place our christmas tree in front of the copper fireplace. The wingback lounge you can just see at the bottom right I still have and plan on recovering for my bedroom. My mum still has the cane etagere's in her current family room. I love them and feel they are a timeless piece.

The formal dining room had more shagpile, a travertine marble base and glass top table, malacca cane chairs with apricot Laura Ashley fabric. The curtains were the most STUNNING black chinosiere pattern with hints of green, blue and more apricot and I WISH my mum kept these. She also had a single wingback chair covered in the same fabric which is also long gone :(
This was a beautiful home, it was rendered white on the outside with all the classic features I love so much. I wished we still owned this house. Nvm.
I hope you all enjoyed my retro moment and trip down memory lane :)


Miss Kris said...

Oh Anna! I see how you developed your wonderful eye for interior style. Bravo to your Mum! It may be the 80's but DONE SO LOVELY!!!

PS, you & your sis look so cute!!!Is that you with the brunette hair??? You and Sophie could be twins.

MelsRosePlace said...

Oh this is many memories of my own house growing up especially the kitchen and cane furnishings and mum had a real THING for maiden hair ferns, oh and African Violets too...lets not forget the macrame holders! Brilliant, Mel xx

Paris Atelier said...

Oh you just took me back Anna! How wonderful to have this publication! I see now how you are so must run in the family! I love it! I especially love the Apricot room! My favorite. It's interesting to see which pieces still work now 20+ years later. It goes to show that good taste never goes out of style!

Millie said...

Ah yes, the wonderful 80's, unfortunately I remember them all too well dear Anna! What a style Queen your Mum was & no doubt still is. 2 of our sons are now the guardians of my treasured peach leather 3 piece lounge suite from back then in their share-house & they love it!

Your Pa was such a fine woodworker, that kitchen is a stand-out!

Millie ^_^

AnastasiaC said...

Anna, thats SO cool!! look at you - adorable! what a warm and cosy home you grew up in!!

Catherine said...

So the love of decor runs in the veins! Even though it is 80's, you can see your mum had style - and a distinct lack of clutter!

Willow Decor: said...

What great fun! Love your blog and added it to my blog roll!

Velvet and Linen said...

It appears that interior designing is in your blood!
I do believe that interior design just recycles itself.
Shag rugs are all the rage again!

You and your sister look so sweet in your outfits!
Thank you for sharing this images with us.


stljoie said...

What a wonderful doesn't look dated to me at all, but maybe that's giving my age away.

Villa Anna said...

Haha yes Kris that is me with no teeth lol.

Anna :)

~j~ said...

Hi Anna,
this is so wonderful to see how you were touched as a child with the passion you now live as an adult!
Thanks so much for sharing such a wonderful time in your life.

Cote de Texas said...

This explains it all! How wonderful!!!!!!!!!! the living room you weren't allowed in - so funny - I guess we all had one of those! great memories - wonderful house!!!!!