Friday, December 5, 2008

Oh how I love to dream...

(image via charm hill Interiors)

Thumbing through one of my old Veranda issues searching for colour inspiration I was reminded of this absolutely exquisite kitchen designed by Jack Arnold. Mr Arnold is famous for his surperb luxury country French designs. He nails the authentic French look down to the finest of details.
To me, kitchens just don't get much better than this. The black cabinetry with gilding and ironwork is ultimate feature. The countertops, sinks and wall tiles are all Carerra marble. The antique chandelier is from Avignon, France.

Here is another view of this heavenly workspace from the Bentwood Kitchens website. What makes me happy while viewing the luxurious details is that I have been able to copy somewhat some of the design principles for my own kitchen on a far more modest budget. I have white cabinetry with a black stone countertop therefore kinda sorta the same lol. I have iron hardware and scrolly bakers stand, copper pots, vintage pottery, goose neck faucet, greenery by the way of potted herbs on the window sil and beautiful recipe books on display. What I do need now is a wooden wall plate rack, new oven and french style rangehood, a glass canister filled with lemons and definately one of those apple bowls!

Well a new year is around the corner, who knows what adventures it will bring.

Have a wonderful weekend and good luck trying to find parking at the malls! ;)


Cassie said...

Ugh! I love the tower sitting on the Island! Beautiful! I want that look!


This is a dream. Imagine cooking or baking for loved ones and friends..everyone surrounding you, laughing, sipping wine or coffee...ah...a wonderful dream.

Gail McCormack said...

I'll take that kitchen thanks!

Anna I just read your previous post, how wonderful!! I know you've often mentioned your Mum being one of the main inspirations in your life - No Wonder!!

~j~ said...

oh how i love to dream with you :))

Sue said...

That is one dream worthy kitchen, just lovely. Thanks for sharing. Hope all is well with you and yours.

vicki archer said...

Seriously gorgeous kitchen Anna, xv.

Ivy Lane said...

BEEEUUUUtiful! Loving all the copper pots and pans!

Catherine said...

I love how they have teamed the restaurant-style fridge with the more homey touches - a lovely contrast.
And thanks Anna for your lovely comments on my '7 things' post - they made me smile!

ness lockyer said...

Beautiful Anna! I hope all is going well with your designs.
Ness xx

Porchlight Interiors said...

Love the black cabinetry - will definately be adding this to my inspiration files - thanks! Tracey x

alice said...

How could you not love everything in this kitchen? I have never seen the second photo- I love the glass front fridge and the upper cupboards that seem to have antique doors.

Fifi Flowers said...

That is a DREAMY kitchen! WOW!

Velvet and Linen said...

So often I seem to start my comment to you with "Wow".
Viewing images like these, who could blame me?
What a gorgeous kitchen. Love the copper pots on the simple metal rack, and the lemons in the apothecary jar are such a nice touch of color. My dream kitchen has metal counter tops like the ones in this kitchen. I priced them out when I did my re-model and let's just say I will have to save a bit more before putting in those lovelies!
As always thank you for sharing.

tania said...

I really LOVE your blog and all the photos in there !!! i'ts exactly my style, fabulous !!! I will make a link to your blog for french bloggers ! have a nice day
Tania Grange de charme