Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Feeling Green...

I don't know what has come over me. I'm usually such a blue person but lately I'm seeing green. I have a heap of colour schemes to put together for all three clients and two of the homes I can see a predominant green theme for their formal living/dining areas.

One a muted olive/sea grass type hue and the other a more forest green, like the green in Mz Wearstlers Imperial Trellis pattern.

One of the homes had a very formal and sophisticated living/dining but VERY outdated, however while walking through I was immediately thinking of an image I saw in a book I have at home called Hollywood At Home by Architectural Digest. It was the home of the late, great Danny Kaye.

I can barely describe the love I feel for this dining room, which still amazes me considering it's so different to my usual prefered style. Decorated back in the 50's I feel this room is absolutely timeless and truly captures that feel of old Hollywood glamour with a contemporary edge. The wallpaper, the chairs, the oak sideboard in the colonial bay window, the oriental tureens, the bowl of yellow tulips - It all works so beautifully and epitomizes elegance and comfort.

Another reason for me thinking about this home was my client had a rosewood pedestal with a vase of silk flowers that were tired and ready for the rubbish and she asked me what could replace them. I noticed she had a couple of oriental accent pieces around so I thought a beautiful white orchid would be a classic way to go with a distinct oriental flavour.
Notice the orchids in the Kaye's living room? :)

I also love the orange cushions in the Kaye's family room. I'm now thinking key colours - green and white with accent colours orange, blue & white.

Especially now after seeing this stunning entry room of the home of Mary McDonald via my favourite blog and yours, Cote De Texas.

I know you're probably all thinking pffft it's all been done before but this is my first time building a concept with the challenge of selling it to the client and I'm excited! :)


Velvet and Linen said...

Thank for including us in your design process!
I love hearing how other people come up with concepts for their projects.
Isn't it amazing how relevant Mr. Kaye's home is still?
His dining room is beautiful. It is not my usual taste either, but it is lovely.
It is fun to dabble in different styles than we are used to. A bit like jumping without a parachute!


Cassie said...

I think the rooms are great. And I love Danny Kaye!

Cote de Texas said...

oooh - they made me take down the real estate pictures! hahah!!! keep yours up- I LOVE IT!!!!

MelsRosePlace said...

These are great photos...i do not think you can go wrong when a chandelier is involved. I am liking the green too...lol my bf in primary had that green wallpaper..but not the matching bike! Mel xx

Millie said...

Follow your first instincts here dear Anna, I'm sure they'll be just perfect for your client. Loved seeing DK's house - thank you. Wasn't Jonie's Mary McD. post simply sensational! Nearly killed my poor computer though loading.
Millie ^_^

Cali Girl said...

so amazingly beautiful.. love all of these photos!!!

ness lockyer said...

That is so great that you have picked up some clients Anna...and three at that! Well done. Love what you are thinking of and can't wait to see the before and after shots. Do you have to have all 3 finished before xmas? Busy, busy...have fun,
Ness xx

Françoise said...

I love Danny Kaye's house! What does it matter whether it has been done before? Isn't "a thing of beauty, a joy forever"?
I am a green-ish person so yes, that wall paper does look great!
I often come and lurk, and so enjoy your site!


I am so 'blue', but I do like green (except kelly green).