Friday, December 12, 2008

Random loveliness...

(Chris Everard via Desire to Inspire)

Well the auction for our lake house came and went on thursday but didn't sell. A real sign of the times when people expect us to give away a prime piece of real estate. Nvm, more time for us to enjoy it :)

Anyhoo, it's been another mental week and I guess it wont get any slower for a few weeks yet. I had to post some of the absolutely stunning images that are inspiring me this week.

I hope you're having a joyous weekend filled with lots of Chrissy festivities :)

(Traditional Home)

(Latest Sussex)

(Eric Roth via Desire to Inspire)

(Eric Roth via Desire to Inspire)

(Eric Coher via Cote de Texas)

(Betsy Johnson via Taverne-Agency)

(Shabby Chic via Apartment Therapy)


Paris Atelier said...

I love these images. So pretty. My favorite is the all White kitchen and of course the first photo! Amazing! Thanks for another beautiful post Anna! Congrats (?) on having more time to spend in your vacation home. I know it was hard for you to think of letting it go :(

Beautiful Living said...

Thank you for the beautiful pictures! LOVE the four poster bed! That second Eric Roth kitchen has a real Scandinavian feel to it.. Do you have pics of your lake house? I'm sure it's beautiful :) And I'm sure it'll go eventually :)

Cote de Texas said...

That first picture just sends me!!! I could stare at that all day long.

vicki archer said...

Gorgeous pics Anna and each one has something fabulous about it, xv.

Millie said...

Oh Anna, I had to go & get a brandy & dry before coming back to gaze longingly at that Eric Roth kitchen - it sent me into a major melt-down!
Millie ^_^

Miss Kris said...

Hi Anna! I love the Eric Roth pure white kitchen. Those built in looking armoires are beautiful up against the crispy white walls, BEAUTIFUL! And the molding-WOW!!!

A-M said...

Just dreamy images. I am so sorry your place didn't sell.... it's so beautiful.. the right person will come along and fall in love with it.... maybe in the new year... someone looking for a fresh start! A-M xx

Sue said...

Oh Anna, I could move right into that first picture of perfection.
Congrats on winning Brooke's give-away. I won too.

pinkstilettos said...

Love Love Love these photos!They are all so pretty. Daisy~

Catherine said...

Beautiful, and isn't it TERRIFIC to see a kitchen that isn't all so modern and predictable! I love the way the armoire "fronts" are on the wall and the rest recessed. I am so sick of the come back modern rooms. They all the same to me now and i forecast a return to more traditional.