Sunday, November 30, 2008

Ladies we have a winner and 7 things about me...

And the winner is........

Da da da da da daaaa........

Mel from Melsrose place!!!! Congratulations gf!

Thanks so much everyone for loving my giveaway, it was a pleasure to do.

I used the same method that Mz A-M and Mz Brooke used by allowing my trusty beautiful daughter to draw the winner from a Tiffany's bag no less :) I tried to photograph the action sequence as best I could lol.

I'm sorry I couldn't provide this prize to everyone but if you wish to email me your address I'd LOVE to send you an Aussie Christmas card.

I'd now like to apologise for my lack of posts this week. The most remarkable thing has happened to me. I mentioned to an acquaintance, fastly becoming a great friend, about my blog and me finishing my design studies and she asked me to come around and give her some advice. I went and advised and she was so thrilled she is insisting on paying for my ongoing services. She then mentioned me to a friend of hers and now I'm working on her home also. Finally this week I was hired by a third acquaintance. My head is spinning! Everyone wants to get alot of work completed by Christmas so I found myself working harder this past week than I had in years lol. Perhaps Villa Anna Interiors will take off faster than I could have ever imagined.


(image via The Paris Apartment)

Now I'd like to thank Lena from Charm Hill Interiors and the lovely hardworking ladies at Mondo Cherry for including me in their 7 things about me challenge.

The rules - Share 7 things about yourself. Challenge 7 other blogs at the end of your post through naming their blog, and post a link to it. Let them know they have been challenged by leaving a comment in their blog.

(my Pa with my son on his christening day)

2, My Nan and Pa were and always will be my heros!! The BEST grandparents a person could ever wish for....Unconditional love and support with never a moment of judgement.

(my Nan holding me in 1974)

(my momma on my sister's wedding day)

3, My mum is my best friend, my role model and my rock. Like alot of you she too was the one who introduced me to the beautiful world of interior design. She's worked in the medical industry all her working life but she studied Interior design as a passionate hobby and in the 80's our home was featured in two magazines. I'll post those images this week, they are a hoot! :)

(me aged 3 on a family trip to Fiji)

4, I am the oldest of 3 sisters and no brothers. I am very close to one, another is a corporate workaholic but we catch up whenever "she" can lol and the other is rather a black sheep if you know what I mean lol.

(me and my sister Sarah - the workaholic lol)

5, One of the highlights of my life was meeting my teenage crush Jon Bon Jovi! He's alot shorter in person lol.

6, Growing up I thought I wanted to be a journalist and then an actor hahaha!

7, Finally back in the mid nineties I did a 3 month road trip of the USA and absolutely had the time of my life....I am BUSTING to go back someday :)

Once again I think pretty much everyone on my list has already participated so if you haven't and you'd like to please send me the link so I can read your answers!


Velvet and Linen said...

Anna -
It was wonderful getting to know a few more fascinating things about the great woman behind this beautiful blog.
I am not surprised about your thriving business! Someone with you great taste is bound to be a success!


Cassie said...

Congratulations Mel! Everything is better when it comes out of a Tiffany's bag!

I enjoyed reading your "7 things", lucky duck getting to meet Jon Bon Jovi!

vicki archer said...

Congratulations on all your new jobs - how lucky they are to have you. Your family looks beautiful - a lovely post Anna. xv

Celia said...

Wowwwww!!!!!!!! Jon Bon Jovi! That's a man!; lol...

Millie said...

Lovely post Anna & I'm just thrilled about the projects that are coming your way, so well deserved!

Need to dig the dirt on your U.S.A. road-trip though - now that would make a fun post!
Millie ^_^

viera said...

A lovely post Anna. Congratulations on all your new projects. How exciting.

MelsRosePlace said...

i am at work and just logged on on my break (naughty naughty) i always check your blog first and lookee here. i am having heart palpitations I am so excited, can you please thank and hug your gorgeous little assistant! I shall email you my details soon. What a lovely surprise Anna! Mel xxx (jumping up and down in her seat trying to look refined!!)

MelsRosePlace said...

In all my excitement i didnt get to the end of your post but LOVED reading your 7 things and congrats on the interior design work coming your way - ALL FABULOSITY!! MEL XX (still jumping)

Trixie Jones said...

Congrats on all the new work! How exciting!!!

Anonymous said...

I always knew beautiful things would come your way because you are such a beautiful woman!!! You are my favourite person in this world and I wish you all the best in this new adventure. Follow your Bliss!!!
I Love You
Brook xxx

Villa Anna said...

HAHA Brook! You crazy kid, you finally commented! hehe

Your friendship means the world to me, thank you.


Anna xx

Villa Anna said...

Thank you too blogging pals for your kind words and support. I absolutely treasure each of you.

Anna :)

Alison Gibbs said...

Congratulations to Mel on her win of your 'treasure trove'.
How fabulous that 'word of mouth' has you working away, way to go 'Villa Anna Interiors'.
It was fun to read your '7 Things'

~j~ said...

So fun to read about your life Anna, i can't wait for you to do another road trip in the U.S.! First stop, Santa Barbara!! :)