Wednesday, November 26, 2008

New Book Alert and a Christmas giveaway!

Aussies, Hear ye! Hear ye! A fabulous new book has just arrived on the market that ALL Aussie francophiles should own. This beautiful handbook is filled with all the French food, wine and design places you need to know about to live your best French life in Australia.

With an abundance of glorious colour photo's, this book will become your new bible. This book would also make a wonderful gift for travellers.

If you have a French based buisness in Australia and you'd like to be featured in future copies you can email your details here!

Once again sincerest apologies for my poor photography but the images in this book are divine.


To coincide with the worldwide release of "Australia" as well as being the season of giving I thought I'd put together a little package to give away with a distinctly Aussie flavour :)

Australian Vintage Living by Bronnie Masefau is definately a favourite, the large glossy photo's are filled with colour and detail.

This book is filled with wonderful vintage inspiration.

Mz Masefau's home is absolutely beautiful.

Plenty of eye candy for the girly girl in all of us.

I also thought I'd include a very popular stocking filler for most country loving Aussie's, The Australian Country Style calender 2009.

The images are simple and beautiful. This calender wont be a bold statement but a subtle sweet accent.

Of course I'm definately including a copy of this new fabulous book.

And for a little added extra I thought I'd throw in this little sweet Koala Christmas ornament

He's tiny but he looks real! Well I think so anyway lol.

No matter whether you are in Australia or Siberia if you would like to win these wonderful items just leave a comment with a link to your blog and I'll draw a name out of a hat on sunday.


p.s Happy Thanksgiving my American blogging pals!

pp.s Brooke, I received my bottle of Cote Bastide bubble bath the other day and that evening enjoyed the best soak of my life :) Thank you!


mandyface said...

And Happiest of Thanksgivings to you!


MelsRosePlace said...

Loving the looks of this book and i am definitely entering the draw. fingers crossed you only need to post to Qld and not Siberia!!! Mel xxx
p.s extremely kind of you too!

ness lockyer said...

You are the best for finding this. I will try and get the shop in for next issue. This is the best giveaway ever and I want to win so here is the link
Do they have many Tassie stores in the Finding France book Anna?
Ness xx

Villa Anna said...

Ness, on the decorating side there is only one French store in Launceston called La Cigale.

Anna :)

vicki archer said...

This book looks fab - what a great idea. Lovely giveaway Ness so French Essence would love to be in! xv

Millie said...

Oh so pick me Anna! After yesterday'spost over @ The Hedge, I'd love to find these under the Chrissie tree even if the card said "To dear Millie, love from Millie (via Anna!)"
Millie ^_^

Porchlight Interiors said...

What a gorgeous giveaway Anna! Would so love to see that Australian French book - please add me in! Tracey x

jo said...

I'm living not in France, but too close, in Belgium, and I love to read your blog

Velvet and Linen said...

These books look beautiful.
If I don't win the giveaway I'm sure I won't be able to resist buying them on my own.
I just can't seem to stop myself from buying lovely design books.

Anna, I'm so glad you enjoyed the bubbles!
I also wanted to thank you for visiting last night. It is always great to hear from you.


A-M said...

Oh my goodness Anna, what a generous giveaway. I was thinking of having a Christmas giveaway..... now you have risen the standard so spectacularly!! I wanted to comment despite the giveaway. If my name is drawn, please redraw, I would love someone OS to score all these Aussie lovelies. A-M xx

Paris Atelier said...

HI Anna! Those pictures are leaving me with a taste for more! Paris Atelier would love to be entered to win this fabulous giveaway! Thank you~ Have a wonderful holiday!

Villa Anna said...

I'm sorry A-M I didn't mean to set any standards, I just thought I may only have an annual giveway and I couldn't decide between the two books hence including both. Your kind generosity most certainly exceeds mine.

Anna :)

michele~lovin life after 40 said...

What beautiful books! And such a generous giveaway. Sure hope I win them! :-)

Cassie said...

Beautiful images! Lovely giveaway!

becky up the hill said...

Dear Anna, hope I can be included. Have not started a blog yet. Love reading yours tho! Happy Thanksgiving from California!


Exciting new books! I would so love to cuddle these pages. Best wishes from your Canadian blogpal. xo

Irina said...

Beautiful blog, Anna! I'm your reader from Hong Kong, I've read every single entry and reread many of them and drooled while reading the recent one about good food affair wishing I was there!
All the best and Happy Thanksgiving!

Emma @ White and Wander said...

What a killer giveaway! So generous ... do you accept bribes? He hee xx

I have been reading through the older posts on your blog and I always find something to make me gasp - thanks for all the lightbulb ideas popping up over my head!

mondo cherry said...

Finding France in Australia sounds fantastic - we'd love to be in the competition! We tagged you today to tell us 7 things about yourself - would love to read what you have to say!

lily-g said...

what a great book I'm off to get my copy, thanks Anna for sharing x

Anonymous said...

I would love to enter your contest. I have included you in a bloggers challenge about 7 things about me, please don't feel obligated.

Christy said...

I just love travel books, and Australia is definitely one my list of places to see sooner than later...and last year I spent a week trekking around France and fell in love. This new book sounds just wonderful! And thank you - I am absolutely stuffed from yesterday's Thanksgiving feast at my parents home in Virginia, USA.

Irene ~ RE~VINTAGED said...

New to blogging and just loving it. So many beautiful homes, people, people doing beautiful things, people doing kind things, what a fabulous community!
I am enjoying it all and hey maybe one day I will have a beautiful blog like this!
'Merci beaucoup' (Bad high school french lol) for all your hard work to share this all with us! Irene :)

Jo said...

a fab blogger and so generous too!

Anonymous said...

Oh, I must enter! I lived in Adelaide when I was 16 (about 35 yrs ago)and LOVED it! I've been back 3 times since. So, due to my love of Oz, anything French and vintage finds, I would SO love to be a winner! I've been visiting your blog for a few months and its one of my daily reads.

Toni in Texas

Gail McCormack said...

Wow Anna what a fabulous giveaway you've put together, yes please count me in, hope I'm not too late.
The new book looks fantastic, I'm just about to go to one of our large shopping centres so will keep an eye open for it
Thanks Anna!

Mademoiselle Rose said...


I read your blog regularly but missed a few days and it seems I might have missed your draw. If so, then I love your blog and my visits every few days, if not, then I hope I win! What a lovely giveaway.


Villa Anna said...

Thank you so so much for the support Vickie, I'm sorry you just missed out.

I vaguely remember purchasing items from you from Ebay a few years back.

Anna :)