Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Airspace Locations

The ever inspiring and on the ball Jo from Desire to Inspire just beat me to it with her gorgeous girly post yesterday on a London home from Airspace Locations. I thought I'd still go ahead today with my planned post just incase some of you have yet to discover this magical website.

Airspace is a site bursting with the most beautiful and enchanting locations for film and photographic industries, as well as us Interior buffs looking for endless inspiration.

There are obviously all types of properties and styles but my favourite are definately more on the eclectic feminine side (naturally) ;)

This website has shown me some of the most beautiful pieces of French furniture I've ever seen! Where does one find such pretty fabric?!

In my fantasy world this is how I invision my daughters room when she's a teenager. Of course that may well not happen and she'll want black walls with Zac Efron posters all over it lol.

Another thing you can't help but notice is the extensive and stunning range of art, especially portraits. Yet another box I must someday tick off my list of things to own.

Ahhh such treasure!

love love love this bathroom!

This room is just soooo feminine chic! I adore it. The tufted chaise, the black & white flooring, the pink corset lamp....TOO DIE FOR!

They even have some truly lovely outdoor images. Who doesn't love an old bike against a wrought iron gate?

Grab a cup of tea or coffee, sit & relax and spend some quality time immersing amongst all the heavenly locations Airspace has to offer...Enjoy!


MelsRosePlace said...

Oh What!!! these images are the best ever!! Can just see myself swanning around those rooms! Mel xxx

Cassie said...

Beautiful pictures! I love the vintage gowns, soooo pretty!

sylvia extra said...

These are VERY beautiful pictures...can I book a room? Can the owner adopt me? Or maybe merry me???

Anonymous said...

sorry..I mean marry me (the owner og the house, when he is not ugly)

Country French Antiques said...

Okay, I know where I'll be spending the day!
Merci for the trip to heaven!!!

Françoise said...

I have been lurking from time to time and enjoy your site very much.
One thing I must point out: NEVER hang a painting in a bathroom, or a kitchen for that matter. Because of changes in temperature, steam, chemical components in perfumes and soaps, it's condemning it to a death sentence.
Thus speaks the granddaughter and daughter of painters ;-)

A-M said...

True eye candy! All so feminine and elegant. Just lovely Anna! A-M xx

Porchlight Interiors said...

I'm making my cup of tea right now Anna - I'm sure this will be a great website if the pictures you have posted are anything to go by! Very inspiring! Tracey x

OLIVEAUX said...

It is beautiful...shall be off to explore your lovely find! Amanda x

The Pink Poodle said...

OH MY...just found your blog via mels...stunning gorgeous pictures...

shall keep popping by to see what other lovely things you shall share..

xx andrea

Diane said...

Beautiful photos and wonderful blog... I will be back often.

ness lockyer said...

The photo of your "someday" Daughters room is the best. The Armoire, dresses....oh just stunning. What a great find,
Ness xx

vicki archer said...

Wonderful images Anna, I cannot wait to have a browse. A gorgeous post - one of my favourites xv.

Velvet and Linen said...

Anna, what an inspirational gold mine!
I'll never get any work done. I'm just going to be sitting around looking at all of these wonderful images.
Thank you so much!


My Pink & Cream Cottage said...

Hey Anna,
Thank you so much for this post, I intend to go back into this stunning site tomorrow, & you are right where DO they get those beautiful fabrics???

Have a great day

Lyn xoxoxo

Millie said...

Fabulous dear Anna - I can so see you reclining on that wonderful tufted chaise - oh la la!

However, while drooling at the gorgeous bedroom, I had a shocking mental image of MOTH (all 6'6", 120kg. of him) lying back on the bed alternating between reading the Melbourne Footy Club Newsletter & the TAB Form Guide! But being well trained, he'd still have both feet on the ground, as he'd know to put his feet on that beautiful linen would be a mortal sin!!
Millie ^_^

Paris Atelier said...

Oh my goodness! Breathtaking! My favorite post ever Anna! Exquisite! I was going to say I love this..or this.. the most but I can't it's all too beautiful! I say we all pull our money together & rent it all out! I'm popping over to the site right now for a quote!!!! Thank you for bringing me such beauty on such a dreary day! As always, you are perfection Anna!

Mélanie said...

these pictures are stunning ! I love this conception of " eclectic feminine " ambiance ! This is definitely my style

Cote de Texas said...

omg - soooooooooooo beautiful, pure eye candy!!

Alkemie said...

These photos are amazing! I haven't seen Airspace yet so thanks for introducing them:)

Karen O.