Saturday, November 22, 2008

Good Food Affare...

There is nothing like a good day out surrounded by family, sparkling chandeliers, stunning homewares, festive Christmas decorations, French antiques, as well as a delectable and sumptuous feast of gourmet foods and wine to bring a person back to a happy state of mind.
Thats exactly what the 'Good Food Affare" did on saturday. Sponsored by Domayne furniture and Australian Good Food magazine, this was a growers market only seen annually on a scale this grand.
From the website - Good Food Affare is three days of heaven for food lovers. The most beautiful and original food event ever seen in this country, The good Food Affare is a growers market, it's gorgeous restaurants and cafes, it is Australia's most celebrated chefs and cooks live on stage, and so much more.

The first tent I entered was decorated ever so beautifully with a stunning selection of chandeliers, modern and traditional christmas trees and table after table selling some heavenly homewares. My eyes were darting in every direction, I didn't know where to look or what to absorb first.

This stage was set up at the back for demonstrations throughout the day on christmas decorating and gift wrapping.

Although I always consider myself a very traditional girl I have to say I'm loving these sparkly gold and silver trees with glass jewels more and more.

There were a couple of purchases to be had from this display ;)

The chandeliers were AMAZING! This one was in another tent serving devonshire teas and although you can't see it, it is actually the most lovely girly pink colour.

Here is the Parisian style flower market - GORGEOUS!

Skye's cafe definately was the star attraction. I nearly died when I saw it, it was one of the most superb sights I have ever seen.

From the website - A beautiful replica of Skye Gyngell's cafe at Petersham nurseries in England's green and pleasant Surrey will be the stunning centrepiece of Good Food Affare.
Skye Gyngell herself, one of the most inspirational chefs in the world today, will bring the cafe's delectable flavours to the table.
Skye's fresh and original approach to cooking results in simple but intensely flavoursome food inspired by the seasonsand the produce she grows in her garden.

Oh how I LOVE rusty scrolly iron!

Never before have I seen so many breathtakingly beautiful pieces of furniture all mishmashed together under the one tin roof.

It was an absolute feast for the eyes......

I truly hope someone someday sets up a more permanent restaurant in Sydney with this heavenly concept.

Of course had I known what to expect I would have most certainly pre booked, but alas I was too late.....nvm next year!

Some opulent antique settings looked fit for royalty brilliantly juxtaposed with ornate garden furniture! When I laid eyes on that venetian etched glass table with the scrolly iron legs I had visions of me driving home with it tied to my roof racks lol It was SUBLIME!!!!!

We enjoyed a mocha and strawberry tart for morning tea instead.

Again, I loved the mix of black and white French repro furniture all from Domayne.

They even had poodle stencils on the concrete.....CUTE!

Awww look, just like my bakers stand...cept mines bigger :P

LOVE the coffee bar!...wait, is coffee guy picking his nose? ew! ;)

Stunning high gloss black louis style pieces.

Next, onto garden outdoor furniture and sculptures.

And finally THE FOOD!

It was extremely hard to get close enough to the food stalls to even buy anything let alone take photo's, the crowds were insane!

How exquisite is THIS?! ^^^ these apple sized chocolate coated strawberries blew my mind!

My one goal for the day was to find some authentic French baguettes and I did! Ever since my return from Paris I haven't been able to find bread sticks to equal those of the famous Parisian recipe.

After that I couldn't wait to get home and make my chicken, brie and lettuce baguette.....mmmm it was worth the years wait :)

Another reason to smile, my nextdoor neighbour came over to give us the wonderful news of the birth of their first child, ZOE :) I can't wait to see and hold her. Congratulations Gordon and Susie!

All photo's by Villa Anna.


MelsRosePlace said...

Oh Anna, i am in awe...i remember reading about this event in one of my mags and WISHING i lived in Sydney. How absolutely fabulous does this look! Amazing, amazing - sounds like you have had a great weekend and congrats to the neighbours! Mel xxx

MelsRosePlace said...

Oh and i meant to say i am in love with that white feather tree or whatever it is ...dreamy !! Actually i want the lot! Mel xx

Porchlight Interiors said...

Well I was in (freezing cold) Sydney for the weekend - now I wish I had found the time to check this stunning event out! Thanks for the gorgeous pics - all looked delicious (particularly your baguette)! Tracey x

Villa Anna said...

I know it was bloody cold wasn't it?! lol

I'm sorry I couldn't have turned the weather just for your visit Tracey.

Anna :)

vicki archer said...

Thank you for the great coverage - the restaurant looks like a definite must. xv

Anonymous said...

Nothing beats pleasant surroundings and good eats! Thanks for sharing this blog with us.

Cassie said...

You are right, those silver trees are really cool! I think they would have had to ask me to leave! I would have wanted to stay there forever looking around!

lily-g said...

Im so envious I wish we had an event like that here in Brisbane, next time I'm flying down, what a great day out x

viera said...

What can I say. I just wish to be there!. Thanks for sharing the gorgeous photo tour with us.

Millie said...

You're a star Anna for posting all these sumptuous pics! Wish I could have transported myself up to Castle Hill for the weekend, but I feel better now having had a tour courtesy of you my dear!

Isn't that white feather Christmas Tree from Domayne just amazing! It has an $899 price tag, & as gorgeous as it is, if I spent that much on a Chrissie Tree MOTH would hightail it to the nearest Divorce lawyer so fast his feet wouldn't touch the ground!
Millie ^_^

Velvet and Linen said...

Fantastic post, Anna! I feel like I was there with you.
The Skye Gyngell's cafe looks gorgeous. I'm a big fan of mismatched furnishings, especially when they are all this lovely.
I love that the tents were lit with chandeliers. The one that is in the picture with the gold and glass jewel tree particularly caught my eye.
Thank you for taking us along.


mondo cherry said...

I had not heard of this event before but it looked spectacular. Worth a trip to Sydney just to sample some of that delicious food and soak up the atmosphere. I love all those mismatched tables and chairs. What fun it must have be the stylist on that project! Thanks for your great photos.

ness lockyer said...

Right thats it!! I am SO not talking to you for not inviting me. lol
I would have had sore cheeks from smiling, what a great event.
Ness xx

~j~ said...

oh mercy, now that was a delicious little blog post, right down to the picture of your yummy sammy! I think a blog field trip is in order for this event next year! How fun, great pics Anna, thanks loads.

Miss Kris said...

Hi Anna! So many pretties to look at! Thank you for such a wonderful grand tour!!!

I love the pretty Christmas tree, growing up we had a big silver tree, brings back so many AWESOME memories!!! Merci Anna!

Garden Antqs Vintage said...

Everything looked so beautiful. Loved all the different trees. I would go crazy at the flower and herb market. Happy Thanksgiving, Theresa

Paris Atelier said...

That post is perfection! Makes me feel as though I was there (I wish I was)! I can't even begin to think which is my favorite image, they are all lovely!

Danielle said...

I am so kicking myself right now that I couldn't make it to this. Thanks for all the yummy photos...looks like you had a lovely day.

Fifi Flowers said...

WOW AMAZING post! Glamour CHristmas decor to FAB coffee/cafe settings... LOVELY!

Fifi Flowers said...

WOW AMAZING post! Glamour CHristmas decor to FAB coffee/cafe settings... LOVELY!

Folder of Ideas said...

I wish I'd gone to this now having looked through all your great photos - is it on every year ?

Heidi said...

Anna, you did it again. I love you fabulous weekend escapes and how you share them with us. I give you 5 stars on this post. Heidi