Monday, November 3, 2008

No No thank YOU Brooke! :)

I'm still in shock that I actually won Mz Giannetti's gorgeous giveaway prize! I've never won anything in my life lol. I want to say a heart felt thank you to Brooke. I am more than excited and I can't wait to smell this divine fragrance :)))

Blog giveaways are so much fun! I'm going to have to offer one myself...hmm now to think of a prize.

I've also noticed lately alot of you have been posting some incredibly beautiful bathroom images. I hope 'y'all' have been over to Brooke's to see this breathtaking bathroom makeover she masterfully threw together ;)


A-M said...

Congrats Anna. How wonderful! ... and yes THAT bathroom... only in ones dreams....exquisitely beautiful! A-M xx

Velvet and Linen said...

I'm thrilled to be sending off a little something to you!
Your kind words about my work have gotten me through some design challenges in the past weeks!


MelsRosePlace said...

Good on you was lovely you won that prize, i visited her blog earlier and was happy for you. Now that bathroom is heaven isnt it? Mel xxx

pinkstilettos said...

WOW Anna- You lucky girl! Just wanted to say congratulations! have a nice day. Daisy~

Miss Kris said...

Another Congrats to you Anna! So exciting! And the bathroom is so LOVELY!

~j~ said...

Congratulations Anna! Imagine you are still in complete awe at being the winner!! How fun for you, such a blessing to see your blog reach such heights!
love j

Sue said...

Hi, how are you? I haven't been around in a while. When I clicked on today I was so happy to see your post about Brooke's blog. Last week while blog serfing I ran across her blos and was just trying to remember how to get back to it. Thanks for being the answer by posting here blog here.

Congrats' on the win. I won my first blog prize a couple of months ago. So much fun. I really want to have a give away one of these days too.


ness lockyer said...

Congratulations Anna!
That Bathroom is divine. Have a great day,
Ness xx

Cote de Texas said...

Anna- you really deserved this more than anybody else. I found out about this blog from you! Isn't she so talented? haha - I know you are in love with her!!! enjoy your gift! it's so perfect that you won it!


OLIVEAUX said...

Congratulations Anna!! A stunning bathroom. Amanda x

viera said...

Congratulations!!!! Lucky girl