Friday, November 7, 2008

The New Shabby Chic...

Mz Ashwell has a new California home!

From Romantic Country magazine - After twenty years, Rachel remains faithful to the gently rumpled beauty and easy elegance that made her style a household name. "The look is still based on the aesthetics of comfort, function, and the union of great design with casual ease, but today's Shabby Chic decor is less layered and more tailored," she explains. "Though I still love furniture with timeworn patina I have learned to appreciate the authenticity if weathered wood in it's natural state." These changes are evident throughout her inviting home.

Although I dislike Shabby Chic prices I can't ignore my love for the style. When my great room is built, complete with French doors and a private enclosed courtyard, I too will keep the windows and doors curtain free to maximise the light and space.

For Aussies, romantic country magazine is on the expensive side especially for it's size but with a 10 page spread on this inspiring home I couldn't resist.

The thing I love about Mz Ashwell's homes and style is how unpretentious it looks, however when you see the prices of her wares you almost faint lol. Truth is, any budget can create this look and have a very classy home.

I love all the vintage art displayed sporatically throughout the house and of course the mish mashed chairs.

(please click to enlarge)

Very exciting!, I just recently purchased a dressing table kinda sorta similar to this on ebay - more about that another time.

I'm sure there will be many celebratory events on this weekend for my American pals and down under on the east coast we are mean't to have a beautiful sunny weekend. Get out and about and live it up!!!

Anna xox.


Velvet and Linen said...

I adore Rachel's style.
When we built our home 6 years ago, I read all three of her books and took copious notes. I used endless numbers of post-it notes marking all of her wonderful ideas that helped me make decisions about my home.
I love that her design ideas are still evolving.

Have a wonderful weekend Anna!


Cali Girl said...


Millie said...

Thank you dear Anna for sharing these pics. Mmmm very interesting to see the evolution of Rachels' style in her new home. My fave is the very casual dining setting - just makes me want to sit right down & stay awhile.
Millie ^_^

viera said...

Love her style.
Have a great weekend Anna!

Fifi Flowers said...

Pretty Post!
I like a little shabby chic.
The Shabby Chic look drive my hubby CRAZY... he can't stand it... he thinks it looks like he needs to fix it... LOL.
ENJOY your weekend!

ness lockyer said...

Love this Lady, have all her books and adore this home. I am glad to see though, that she has let up on natural wood here and there...instead of painting everything white. I know, this coming from me! haha.
Have a great weekend Anna,
Ness xx

A-M said...

Oh thank you for spending your money on such a beautiful magazine just so we can enjoy such gorgeous images! I love how it just looks so elegant but so lived in... so not precious! I could put my feet up in any of those rooms! A-M xx

Geisslein said...

Great post and nice pictures. I really love this style! Thanks for the inspiration!
autumnally greetings from germany

pinkstilettos said...

Love her style! These photos are so gorgeous.Have a nice day! Daisy~

Catherine at Design Editor said...

GORGEOUS! When can I move in?

MelsRosePlace said...

Yes isnt that lovely, Anna dont you wish (like me) that you subscribed to a few of these American mags when the exchange rate was so good ! I have found a seller on ebay though fadedrose7 who will ship about 5 or 6 magazines for around $11.00 and she has some beauties too! Mel xxx

I feel like re-arranging my house now looking at these!

Ivy Lane said...

Rachel's style is like no other. Thank you for sharing these images! Beautiful...

Cote de Texas said...

my favorite house of hers was the one where she wrote her book about it - in Malibu, but not on the beach. I love her style!!!!

Anonymous said...

I want an eating nook like that!

'designing your life'

Anna Spiro said...

Love her work/style and loved seeing these gorgeous pictures of her new house!