Friday, November 21, 2008

Feeling a little sombre lately...

The last couple of days have really brought me down and made me sit and reflect. With the storms in Brisbane, the wharf tragedy and the mother dying after the balcony collapse as well as most of my weekends spent cleaning and packing up our beloved holiday home as it gets closer to auction date, I find myself saying over and over why do these things have to happen? The sale of our home is a completely seperate issue but I feel with the news tragedy's, these poor people have been made examples of....In the cruelest of ways.
As a mother, a wife, a daughter, a sister and a friend, It sadens me that it's times like these that really hit me hard and make me give so much thanks for my life. My heart is absolutely aching for the families who are in so much pain and sorrow right now but I suppose I shouldn't dwell on it too much and really enjoy and embrace the good health and happiness my family endures.
My woes with the sale of our lake house seems ever so trivial compared to the greater picture but nevertheless it's still a hard time in my life.
I thought I'd post some more pics of our "happy place". It's nothing fancy, most of the furniture remains from when my grandparents resided. As it was used as a weekender after their passing we never felt the need to refurnish it. My mother for a long while had plans to retire there herself and renovate it then but she has now since decided she wants to retire closer to the city, and us, on the northern beaches of Sydney, where all the action is... And I don't blame her. This unfortunately means she needs all the money she can get as this area aint cheap. She's worked extremely hard all her life and always put her children and grandchildren first so now is her time and she truly deserves the best retirement possible.

As you can see for 26years we have enjoyed the most beautiful panoramic views of Tuggerah lake. Bird life is in abundance here and my favourites are definately the pelicans and black swans.

There are no fences ajoining the properties.

I love to sit and read at the dining table and stare out the window as the sun sets.

The main livingroom is very open plan. Something quite new of it's time in the 80's.

My grandfather built all the kitchen cabinetry himself downstairs in the garage. It still looks brand new even today 26yrs later. If I lived here permanently I would keep the cupboards but paint them white and replace the counter tops, knobs and flooring.

My mum's room.

My grandparents old room...bedroom 2.

The bathroom definately needs updating but it is clean and functional.

It'll be another busy weekend for me but I plan to make the most of it. I hope you all have a wonderful wonderful happy, memorable and safe weekend too.
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mondo cherry said...

It has been a difficult week full of bad new hasn't it? So any of our friends have been affected by the terrible storms here in Brisbane, and the amount of damage is really quite scary. And I feel so so sorry for the poor families affected by the balcony collapse. What a horrible memory to have of finishing school.

On a lighter note, the outlook from your holiday home is just so serene and relaxing. I hope you get the best possible price for it so your Mum can find a perfect place near you.

Cote de Texas said...

sounds awful what happened! I hope you start feeling better soon.

We had a beach house for over 20 years and then my folks sold it! I cried that day!!! But since then, we go on our own and rent - so all is not lost. But I feel your pain.

Millie said...

Dear Anna, you have a beautiful heart & I always love hearing about your beloved grandparents.

I too faced the same predicament after my Mum & Dad died & my sister & I decided to sell the family home. It had been in our family since 1934, my Mother had grown up there & Mum & Dad then returned there to live after my Grannie went to live in a Unit.

I very occasionally have to pass the old house & each time I do I feel the heartstrings tug, but there is such a lovely family living there now & I know that they are creating a new family story that will continue on with 'our' house.
Millie ^_^

MelsRosePlace said...

Hi Anna, i must be like you and really take all these issues on board. The thing is that all of this is happening so close to home. The storms, the deck collapse etc. I was in a huge highway accident about 2 months ago and you realise then how precious yet precarious life really is and that we have little control over accidents, natural disasters etc. I guess if anything it makes me make the most of each day and moment but i still cant help but get upset and cry over the news lately. So i guess in a way blogging is a lovely escape to beautiful rooms, blogs etc and a good way to relax and inspire. I loved the photos of the lake house and I hope that your mum is very happy on the NOrthern Beaches, best place in Sydney having spent first 22 yrs of my life there. Hugs, Mel xxx

Paris Atelier said...

OH Anna! I am wishing you warm & good thoughts from our home to yours! You are such a big hearted person & I really admire your positive outlook on life. Thank you for your post today. It has made me reflect on all of the truly amazing aspects of my life instead of dwell and complain about the tougher ones. You have touched my day! Thank you!~ Again all good thoughts your way.

A-M said...

Oh Anna, I do feel for you. Transition in life is not always pleasant. I wish your Mum all the best in her retirement and many happy days with her family. It must be in the air, 'sombre-ness'.... if that's a word! I've been down in the dumps for days! The mothers in the balcony collapse were from my boys school. The community is devastated. The storms are still reeking havoc up here. My car was totally trashed with hail last night (not one inch was spared a divet!) but you know what?.... I just shrugged my shoulders and thought of all those poor people over the other side of town who have lost their homes and belongings. We all have heartache and it is such a comfort to be able to share our thoughts and sad days with our blogging friends..... some special friend out there, who has never met you!, cares about your feelings. Thanks for sharing and you are in my thoughts! A-M xx

AnastasiaC said...

lots to reminice about huh Anna...there is always so much pain and sorrow going around, guess it makes us appreciate what we have! all the best with the sale!!

Velvet and Linen said...

Oh Anna, I am so sorry to hear about all of this disaster in Brisbane. It is impossible to understand why terrible things happen to good people. I have a hard time explaining this to my children, since I have the same question.

As for your Mom's home, I can only imagine how sad your family must be. For the most part I hate change.
We have a weekend home up the coast where we spend as much of our free time as possible. It is where our family memories happen. I can't imagine the day when we will sell one of homes. I know that day will come, and I know that I will feel like you do.


ness lockyer said...

You poor chook! I feel sad that you are having to sell your beloved holiday home...but, at least as you say, you will be giving your dear Mum a great retirement, which is the most important thing. My parents sold our old Holiday home that is in Vincentia near Batemans Bay. It was too my Aunty and Uncle, who have since moved there permanently and opened a thriving B&B, so all is not lost. Just think of all the great things you will remember about that place on Auction day, and imagine that you are passing the torch along to another family that will have as many great times there as you did.
Take Care flower,
Ness xx

Françoise said...

Anna, I have been lurking but never wrote to you. I do feel for you, bad news compounded by letting go of a piece of one's history is enough to make anyone feel downhearted. I hadn't heard anything about the Brisbane storms here in the States, possibly because we were distracted by the ever-worsening economic situation and the huge California fires. Here is hoping for kinder days. . .

(OOps, I think this be sent twice)


Alicia ~ Time Worn Style said...

Hi Anna, hope you are feeling much better. Your families lake house looks lovely, I know how hard it feels to sell, I felt the same when my parents home was sold a few years back.

~j~ said...

Hello Sweet Friend,

I am so sorry to hear of all the difficulties you are experiencing right now, and the sadness of saying goodbye to a treasured family gathering place must be absolutely sorrowful. I really hope that as the days unfold you are able to catch glimpses of joy and rest for your soul and you and your Mum can enjoy the precious memories of this beloved home. You are loved Anna!