Sunday, April 13, 2008

The global solution...

(girlhula @ flickr)

While surfing around Ebay and thinking about my sons room (Thanks Melissa ;) ) and his upcoming birthday, I came across an item that led me to further research and now I can feel a new collection coming on lol.

(girlhula @ flickr)

The vintage repro globe with the aeroplane below was the gift I was looking at to give my son.

A quick story, last year my family and I went on a 7 week trip overseas and during this time we flew on 9 different planes. This was also my children's first time flying and my son became - well - obsessed is really the word for it lol. His hero is now John Travolta (cause he parks his Qantas jet in the driveway of his house lol) and when he grows up he wants to be a commercial jet pilot. I couldn't be more proud and excited for him :) He's even joined up with the local air league squadron and attends his weekly meetings with extreme enthusiasm.

We've also just recently created a new workspace area in his room with a larger desk and I thought this special globe would be treasured by him and look great on his desk.

Finding this globe also triggered a memory of a large antique style globe that opened up with a bar inside that my dad had in the corner of his office, at work when I was a kid. I loved this piece and I remember rushing to it and studying the pictures and lines and gently spinning it around. Of course I didn't know my dad's grog stash was hidden inside at the time lol ;)
The sad thing about this story is my dad sold or gave this amazing globe away while I was still young and I WISHED he still had it so I could have laid my claim lol.

I then thought a small globe collection atop my sons freestanding wardrobe would look really great and keep within his whole "world traveller" theme at the moment. Unlike the popular toy of the year if he ever tires of this display I can always move it to another area of the house.

(amyla174 @ flickr)

(craftybird @ flickr)

(Elle decor via Terramia)

(gemstone globes)

(Karenpeacock @ flickr)

I love these vintage globes!

(style at home via Design Smack)

(Murray Hudson)

(Murray Hudson)

A rather eclectic look but I love this lamp!

(Scott Sanders via Terramia)

(Scott Sanders via Terramia)

(Shootfactory via Terramia)

(UK easy living via Anastasia drawings and dreaming)

(university of washington)

(shootfactory via Terramia)

(nineinchnachos11 @ flickr)

I love this idea of a globe chalkboard in a workspace :)

(romanlily @ flickr)
A cute and kitsch collection.

(paris parfait)
I just found this gorgeous pic of antique globes I had to add from over at paris parfait, my new favourite blog discovery :)

Those were some of the amazing globe groupings I found and loved, I hope you enjoyed them as much as I did :)


AnastasiaC said...

great minds think alike - i want to find some vintage ones for my boys room! love this post!!

emily@designsmack said...

I love love this post! Globes have interested me since I had one that lit up as a kid. That Globe lamp is doing double duty!

Maryam said...

That chalkboard globe is *genius*. Love that. Sigh, I bet there is no chalkboard paint here in Marrakech:(


I too love the chalkboard globe. I think we are all drawn to globes now because we are all trying to 'love' our earth better...respectfully.

Melissa @ The Inspired Room said...

I love globes. Actually, I HAVE that globe that opens and turns into a "bar" I bought it at an estate sale a few years back. It was a huge old house full of antiques, but that was all I could afford to bring home, it was our Christmas present. :-)

Thanks for the inspiration!


Linda said...

I just realized that I love globes too. I'm going to start keeping my eyes open for some great ones.

Things That Inspire said...

This is a wonderful post. Sometimes I will start collecting pictures on my computer, and realize that they have some sort of common theme...I wonder if you do this too? I just posted on crowns today, which is a topic that has been on my mind ever since I saw a stunning picture from another blog a few months ago.

Thanks for stopping by my blog! I look forward to reading more of yours.


the chalkboard globe is the greatest.
you can make up your own little world.


paris parfait said...

I adore globes. The chalkboard one is terrific - so useful, as well as stylish and fun. And thanks so much for the lovely kudos about my blog! Tara at Paris Parfait

Alkemie said...

Geography was my favorite subject when I was young and my globe was my best friend :) Love all the photos you found and also love the Union Jack table ;) I'm still in love with maps, globes and atlas' because of my wanderlust. I'm always planning the next big trip and globes are great for inspiration :)