Tuesday, April 8, 2008

A love dedication to tuft...part two

(Marie Claire maison)

(The Paris Apartment)

(Your home and garden via Desire to Inspire)

(Woodson and Rummerfield via Alkemie)

(Woodson and Rummerfield via Alkemie)

(Woodson and Rummerfield via Alkemie)

(Woodson and Rummerfield via Alkemie)

(Vogue living Australia)

(The rug company via Alkemie)

(Salon magazine via All things bright and beautiful)


(Reclaiming Miss Havasham)

(Quentin Bacon)

(Preston Lee via Desire to Inspire)

(Preston Lee via Desire To Inspire)

(Miss Pettigrew set via The Paris Apartment)

(Maria Buatta via Cote de Texas)


(Lee Mindel via girl meets glamour)

(Justin Bernhaut via desire to inspire)

(House Beautiful)

(Harem via All things bright and beautiful)

(Haley resources via desire to inspire)

(Gaelle Le Boulicaut via desire to inspire)

(fox-nahem design via desire to inspire)

(Dan Duchars via Desire To Inspire)

(country home ideas)


(Angie Hranowsky via Design Smack)

(Cottage living outdoors)

(Bliss Linens)

Need I say more? ;)


Alkemie said...

Anna - I SOO SOO love you for doing this post. I LOVE anything Tufted!!!! Great selections and thanks for the shout out. Now I must hunt for your first part of to review :)


Cote de Texas said...

ahaha! Beautiful! to tuft or not to tuft, that is the question!

Timmy said...

Love the blues in some of those pics...and imagining that all that stuff exists somewhere just blows my mind! Why do you have to be on another continent!!! lol. Some gorgeous stuff though. And you have to tell me how you get all the pics on the blog...haven't figured that out with mine yet! Keep up the great work you!

K.Imaginelli said...

Oh la la! I was about to comment on the lovely pink bench you found for your daughter's room and then i saw this post.

I love those matching satin teal/turquoise chairs, and the Woodson & Rummerfield chair (wish I had one!), and the teal Quentin Bacon bench, Ooooo and the Preston Lee study area. Wish my writing table & chair were that divine! I also love the fox-nahem bench with all the books piled on it.

Wow, so now my wishlist has grown a few inches longer ;)

PS~~Thanks for the bday wishes!

Melissa @ The Inspired Room said...

Such a great detail, I love it! Great examples too.

Superb post, dear!


LondonCalling said...

LOVE these examples of tufted pieces! My problem is overkill. We have 5 tufted items now. But I think I can squeeze one more. :)

Villa Anna said...

I don't believe you can ever have too many tufted pieces.

Anna ;)

annechovie said...

Anna, I share your love of all things tufted! Wonderful post.....

emily@designsmack said...

I love tufted stuff, heh, and I loved this post! Beautiful choices. You're blog is fabulous, Anna!

AnastasiaC said...

gorgeous gorgeous!! tufted is such a feminine look - just beautiful!!

Mélanie said...

I love this post ! Capitonné as we say in french is my favorite armchairs , sofas , chairs ..it looks so glamour for me .
Have you seen the one my dad made for me , 7 -10 days ago ?( there are pictures on my blog )