Friday, April 25, 2008

Tablescapes, Vignettes and other bits & pieces...

(The Paris Apartment)

(Shootspaces via Desire To Inspire)



(Desire To Inspire)

(Abi Boura via Desire To Inspire)

(Desire To Inspire)

(Paris Parfait)


(The Paris Apartment)

(Irina Graewe)

(Dan Duchars)


(Carla Lane via Desire To Inspire)

(Canadian House To Home)

(Canadian House &Home)


(The Paris Apartment)


(image courtesy of Alkemie)

(The Queen of tablescapes Anna Spiro of Absolutely Beautiful Things)

It's all about the details! One of the reasons I love more classic styles of decor as opposed to contemporary, is I simply love the personal touches people add to make a space their own. Some people would say it's clutter and although clutter can suffocate me too at times, when grouped tastefully personal items create warmth and personality will not only constantly make you smile as you pass them, but will also thrill and excite others and make for welcoming conversation :)
Tonight I decided to put together a group of some of my favourite "details" pics I had saved in my files. There are quite a few that I saved at a time before my blogging days therefore carelessly didn't record their sorce and for that I apologise. If anyone can offer some corrections I'd be forever grateful.
On a personal note, My son William marched for the first time this year at our local Anzac dawn service with his Air League squadron. I'm a very proud momma ;)

(Will is third row centre)


Cote de Texas said...

beautiful eye candy, as usual!

cute, cute son. you must be very very proud.

Cote de Texas said...

I love the master bedroom - those doors are so beautiful!

Alicia ~ Time Worn Style said...

Oh droool Anna, you know I am saving a lot of your piccies to my inspration files too, we have very similar taste!! Well done with your son doing his march in the Anzac Parade, I think its a wonderful thing, my daughter did too when she was in the guides.
Alicia ~ time worn style

Villa Anna said...

Thanks friends for your sweet mention of my son. He's 10 and only joined his squadron a month ago. It was 5am, pitch black and chilly and his uniform is only a short sleeve cotton shirt and shorts. He sucked it up and marched like a pro! It was adorable to watch lol. I'm thrilled that he learning and understanding the significance of Anzac Day.

Anna :)

beth said...

Hi Anna,
I love all the images in this post - our taste is so similar :) Your son is very sweet - why can't they stay that way :)

Gail McCormack said...

Well done for your son's first march, I think it's a great thing for them to participate in, I remember my son marching when he was in Scouts.
Anna I so much admire your taste, just love coming over to visit, only thing is I go away wanting my house to look like the images I've seen on your blog.
Thanks for all your effort you put in

the butterfly collector said...

oh wow, they are all so beautiful!!! Thanks for this weekend's fabulous eye candy!!! Love your blog!

Mélanie said...

wonderful spots ! We have the same taste! Thank you for sharing these "merveilles"
Your son is so cute

AnastasiaC said...

you find the most beautiful images girl!!
how's your interior course going - bet you love doing all the research for your projects!!
How cute is your boy - you must be so proud!!