Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Requesting Help...

(image from Ballard Designs)

If anyone knows of any Australian stockists of classic damask or trellis wallpaper, similar to the pic above, for purchase, I'd be forever grateful :) I've exhausted all the avenues I knew of as I am not yet working in the industry, and I can't find what I'm looking for.

I've tried Laura Ashley, Designers Guild, Anna French, and Florence Broadhurst. All of their designs are spectacular but still not quite what I'm looking for and Florence Broadhurst is just out of my league lol. I'm looking for a more subtle design yet still traditional. Two tones of pale blue and cream or silvery creams. I'm using it as a feature wall and I want to layer it with a large floral painting therefore I don't want it to be too busy and take the focus away from the art.

Perhaps I'm just being too fussy ;)


Shannon Fricke said...

HI Anna,
Check out Osbourne and Little (Mokum Fabrics are the stockists) - they may have something along those lines. Otherwise, Chee Soon and Fitzgerald in Sydney (a small design store) creates there own wallpapers with a similar patterning to this - and will custom colour.
Otherwise Jocelyn Warner has some lovely stuff (although more contemporary) - check out her site. And also, Catherine Martin's wallpapers (of Baz Luhrmann movie fame) has just brought out some gorgeous wallpapers - try Porters Paints for those and others too.
Hope that helps

ness lockyer said...

I was going to give a suggestion...but after reading Shannons comment I will just shut up now. I was going to say "Ask Shannon Fricke" I knew she would know. Ness xx

Villa Anna said...

Shannon, thank you so very much for these outstanding suggestions. Like Ness said I should have gone straight to you and asked for your advice, you are a wealth of knowledge :)
Osbourne & Little certainly had some stunning designs including a trellis paper I'm going to investigate further. Still nothing has completely grabbed me but I'm determined to keep up the search. Thank you again!

Anna :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Anna, I'm just wondering if you've tried asking Ballard Designs the source of the wallpaper in this post? It may not be exactly what you're looking for, but could lead you in the right direction.

MelsRosePlace said...

Hi - i get obsessed about finding the "right" thing too and then you can never find it!! I just had a look on ebay and wonder if something like this is any good?
item no. 330268506866
cheers Mel xx

Villa Anna said...

Hi Anon :)

I haven't yet asked Ballard designs. I looked around their site and I assumed they wont send samples or even stock from Florida to Australia but I guess it can't hurt to ask right?

Anna :)

Villa Anna said...

Hi Mel :)

Thank you so much for searching on Ebay on my behalf thats so kind of you! :)

The paper you found is Gorgeous but I fear buying without sampling first. As you can relate, it needs to be just right or we wont get over it lol.

Anna :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Anna, I was assuming that the wallpaper featured in Ballard Designs is just a prop, not theirs -- I don't think they carry wallpaper? I thought maybe it was from one of the companies you're looking at, like Osborne and Little?? Anyway, I looovvve the papers you've just posted - gorgeous!! I'm going to check them out myself. Thank you and good luck, Kerry

AnastasiaC said...

goodluck in your hunt Anna...i recently bought some vintage rolls on Ebay for my papercrafting projects but looking at them Id definetely would love them on the walls...especially a pale lilac pattern i won!! so 70's but totally today too!