Thursday, September 11, 2008

Wheels and doll baby...

I was so excited when I saw this article in the latest Home Beautiful magazine about This brilliant designer and her Parisian inspired home.

Wheels and Doll Baby was best described by urban walkabout as, World famous for its posh-punk, Parisian scruff meets old Hollywood style, this boudoir-like boutique is a hotspot for those with a penchant for high glamour laced with a rock'n'roll attitude.
Established in 1987, growing up as an "80's rock chick", during my teens and early 20's, this was my favourite place to shop. I LIVED in my WADB basic logo tee with ripped jeans and laced up boots. Oh how times have changed, I'm now the epitome of a classic soccer mum and wear my non ripped jeans with a hoody and lace up sneakers lol, although I still can't live without my leather jacket ;)
After seeing this short but fabulous article about WADB's designer, owner and founder Melanie Greensmith's stunning opulent home in Perth I was instantly reminded of some good times and how thrilled I am to see this glamourous boutique survive and thrive the test of time.
It also reminded me of how much I truly love opulent sumptuous design which has helped me decide on the way in which I want my bedroom to go. I don't just want pretty, I want glamour and romance and elegance and I want one of those screens! lol I will go for my original idea of damask wallpaper and layer it with beautiful artwork in ornate frames, sumptuous fabrics and furniture with gilt, patina and mirrors.

(image from Vogue Living via Wheels and doll baby )

This gorgeous image above is from another article about Melanie's sensual Perth residence. Look at the exquisite tufted furniture!

(article from Home Beautiful september 08 )

These are some of the cute garments from WADB. The top maybe a little too revealling for me but I LOVE the Antoinette skirt.

I also love this peek-a-boo 3/4 top from the La Clementine range. So French, so chic!

The famous Wheels and doll baby basic logo top. I really need to get me another one of these, it is such a classic.

This is the WADB Sydney flagship store.
For International stockists visit this enticing website,


vicki archer said...

Whenever I go home to Sydney one of my 'to do's' is a trip to the W&DB boutique. My daughters love the brand ( so do I but it loves them much more these days!)

Melanie Greensmith's home is very fab.

Villa Anna said...

Vicki, your daughters AND yourself would look so HOT in W&DB!

One of my favourite images from your book is the photo of Venetia tying her shoe in her bathroom. She looks breathtaking! And your description of their bathroom was a true source of inspiration towards my own bathroom renovation.

Anna :)