Monday, September 1, 2008

Spring has sprung!

(GORGEOUS mosaic made by Romantic Home @ flickr

It's the first day of spring down under and I'm thrilled! Like most this is my favourite season of the year. Today is a gorgeous 21 degrees celcius. My husband has just begun his 7 week vacation from work and as we're not going away on a big holiday this year I am going to put him to good use at home and do some much needed spring cleaning and sprucing. Soccer season has finished and finally we as a family can come out of hibernation and dust off the bbq. Happy Spring season fellow southern hemisphereians and happy fall up north :)

I also HAD to mention, being the proud mum I am, my son's soccer team are the premier grand champions for their age/grade this year. They won their grand final match on saturday morning after extra time, going into a penalty shoot out and my son scored the winning goal! :)



Millie said...

Ah the life of a soccer Mum Anna, I remember it well! Fantastic result from William & the Winston Bears - well done & how very exciting to be Premiers!
Millie ^_^

A-M said...

Oh yes isn't it great that it's Spring. I must admit I am so pleased soccer season is over. 3 games every Saturday (2 club and 1 school)... its' so nice to have the weekends back! Congratulations proud Mum... he's gorgeous too! A-M xx

~j~ said...

Happy Spring Dear Anna!
what beautiful pictures to represent my most favorite time of the year and congratulations to your darling boy! What a great moment for him, I know how very,very proud you must be.
So fun to pop in and catch up.
love and hugs to you!
love julia

Kris said...

Happy Spring to you Anna! It's a beautiful time a year my favorite also. This blog made my mouth drop just lovely pictures!!!

It is now time for us northerns to bundle up, enjoy some hot cider and some warm grannies apple pie ala mode. Although I'd take the spring...

Congrats to the WINSTON BEARS!!!

Heidi said...

Congratulations, and what a handsome son you have. I know you are bursting with pride. Mine is not yet in sports but I know it's coming. Happy Spring, by the way. We are feeling what seems to be Autum here in Texas. Thanks, Heidi

viera said...

Hurrah !!! Big reasons for celebration. I love spring and I love soccer( obviously being European). So, enjoy and congratulations!!

lady jicky said...

I love spring is Australia !

mondo cherry said...

What a gorgeous spring montage. If I had such pretty linen to hang on the line I would photograph it too!
Congratulations Winston Bears. I bet your heart was in your mouth when it went down to the penalty shootout. How lovely that your son go to to be the hero for the day. Is he still beaming?