Sunday, December 9, 2007

And the winner is.......

I adore the pale blue and white background colours along with the splashes of hot and light pink! I also love how the furniture blends the traditional with the contemporary so harmoniously.
Those stenciled closet doors are just beautiful. They even look like etched glass!

look at the light that floods the room!

I apologise if this is old news. I had another type of post in mind for this evening but while surfing around I noticed the feature on Domino magazine's decorating competition and the gorgeous Hollywood glamour style bedroom that won!

Catherine from Mill Valley, CA, a single mother, converted two small bedrooms into one large master suite. She did the demolition, hired handymen to install the closets, doors and white flooring and then painted, stenciled, embossed, and glazed every inch of the wall space. She even built the gas fireplace surround and reinvented a 1960's Hollywood vanity. She wanted to create a Parisian-like sanctuary after a long working day. This is what you call dedication and devotion and I think she really pulled it off. This is definately my kind of space.

Congratulations Catherine, your bedroom is quite simply stunning and I believe you absolutely deserved to win :)


cat said...

I am sooo honored that you posted my pics on your site! Thanks so much for your lovely comments. Never, did I think I would win or even be a finalist. If you are interested in seeing the fireplace (Domino did not post this pic) and a "before" shot, check "hidden in france" blog. Thanks so much again! Love your blog,

Villa Anna said...

Catherine It was a pleasure featuring your room. I'm actually honoured you found my humble blog, thank you for your kind comments :)

I love before and after shots. They really prove that any fantasy is possible to make a reality. What a transformation! You definately put in the hard yards. You know how they say it's all in the details? You have detailed your room beautifully. It truly shows the love you have for it. The fact that you completed all the projects yourself is such an inspiration to me :)

Southern Heart said...

It is an absolutely beautiful inspiring! I can see why you chose to post it. :)

xo, Andrea

All Things Bright and Beautiful... said...

Dear Anna - I was just going to send you over to Hidden in France too! - but the owner of this lovely apartment did anyway :-)