Monday, December 3, 2007

Les Puces De Paris...

During my stay in Paris one of the most important places I was BUSTING to visit were the famous clignancourt flea markets.

We caught the train early to porte de clignancourt station. The area of Saint-Ouen to my surprise and somewhat horror wasn't really what I was expecting. I mean, I'd read and heard it wasn't the nicest of places in Paris but that truly was an understatement. The 10 min walk from the station to where the markets began was a little on the intimidating side with people walking along side you hassling you to buy watches etc from inside their coats. Gangs of large individuals and homeless beggar's claiming to be war refugees are all along the route. I know I sound like I'm grouping them all into a stereotype but as my children were by my side I couldn't help but feel a tad uncomfortable and overprotective.

Once we arrived at the actual markets the atmosphere change. The buildings still looked run down but that's exactly what makes flea market shopping so fabulous. Immediately my eyes nearly popped outta my head when at the top of the lane was a gorgeous blue and white toilet bowl. It was so lovely and just thrown atop an old velvet chair. OUTSTANDING! lol. Of course this was a family holiday and not a shopping holiday so any purchases had to be small and inexpensive.

I slowly rummaged from stall to stall while dragging my husband and kids behind me. I felt myself "sighing" out loud with every breath as I was completely surrounded by such enchanting treasures.

Antique and reproduction French furniture, vintage posters, costume jewellery, porcelain, paintings, rugs, rich antique fabrics, chandeliers as far as the eye could name it, they had it. I felt like a kid in a candy store. I wanted to buy it all and ship it home.
Unfortunately there were no purchases to be had that day. The only souvenir's I took home were photo's of my favourite finds. I desperately wanted the two pink handpainted lamps. They were too die for but I just couldn't justify spending the 300 euros each when we still had 6 weeks of travelling to do at that time. The vendor graciously allowed me to take some photo's of her stall in The Dauphine market I think it was.

There are so many markets to wander through but we had only the morning to spare so I was only able to get through two. The Vernaison and The Dauphine. I can't wait for my next trip to Les puces without the kids, spend all day and hopefully spend some money lol.

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The Paris Apartment said...

Pictures are just as good as the real thing, you can share them too!
Next time go to another Metro stop: Garibaldi. You enter at the other end of the market which is fabulous! Unfortunately most people never make it that far or use that Metro.
PS I am adding you to my blogroll :)