Friday, December 7, 2007

Serious shopping time.....

This year my sisters and I are doing the smart thing by only giving one of us a kris kringle pressie. Last month we each drew one name out of a hat to decide who was buying for who. Surprisingly I got my youngest sister Ashley. This made me excited cause we've just converted my mum's seperate garage turned storage room into her new bedroom and she wanted a complete makeover. When I asked her what she'd like she told me some bright and colourful accessories for her room. Whoohooo! My favourite kind of shopping :)

All of my family are Christians but Ashley (being the alternative child) has decided to study and practise Buddhism and for someone who was lost for awhile, we are all proud and grateful that she has found peace and solace in this faith.

I like western design, she likes eastern. This was going to be so much fun! I thought about purchasing a single large item then I thought I might get a smaller group of fun things and present them in a hamper.

I went to a stunning store called Tigress that specialised in Asian style. I felt like I was on a tropical holiday as soon as I stepped inside. The soft sounds of the water features and sweet smell of incense, I really get the appeal of this type of design and it's so fitting with the Australian climate.

There were two items that really stood out and grabbed my attention with their shear beauty.
A 35x35cm ceramic tile with a stunning pink print of birds and a gorgeous blue patterned table runner featuring a beaded edge. I thought this would look amazing above and across her tv table. As well as sharing the same name, Anna Spiro of the Absolutely Beautiful Things blog and I share a fond love of the blue and pink colour scheme. Looking at the two of these items together I think they say happy without being too hyper lol. I hope these items will make her feel cheery but still help her relax and meditate when she feels the need.

On the way out I spotted a bargin bin with $5 cushions so I purchased one to throw in the hamper. I don't think you can ever have too many scatter cushions on your bed or the floor lol.

My next purchase was for my little 1 year old nephew, Zach. My sister Fiona (Zach's mum) had a little toy wombat as a child called "Wompy". He never left her side, infact I still think she has him tucked away somewhere lol. Anyhoo when I saw this little guy in Domayne today I thought it would be cute to give Zach his very own "Wompy" :) It's actually mean't to be a pillow for your bed so I can just visualize Zach's little face nestled on his soft belly or tucked under his armpit. Isn't he cute?

Finally, last christmas my very good friend Brook gave me a bundle of absolutely gorgeous pastel ornaments but considering my tree is filled with the more traditional colours, I wasn't sure where or how I was going to display them. Today I bought a gorgeous etched apothecary canister, placed my baubles inside and put them in the bathroom together with some sweet etched glass decorations I found and hung from the sconces :)
My bathroom has a pastel theme so I thought who says it has to miss out on all the festive fun? lol


All Things Bright and Beautiful... said...

Dear Anna - that tile is a great find :-)

All Things Bright and Beautiful... said...

PS - if you need any blogging help let me know & I'll try and help if I can - I know what it's like being in blogland & knowing nobody :-)

Villa Anna said...

I am overwhelmed by your friendliness and generosity. Thank you sincerely :)

cat said...

WHERE is this store? I love those tiles. Thanks