Saturday, December 15, 2007

Me & Mo...

I did some more chrissy shopping this weekend and I'm so thrilled with my purchases I just had to tell you about my favourite gift and homewares store in Sydney.

Me & Mo is a french provincial inspired home decor store that has only be opened for about a year and a half. When it first opened I was immediately excited cause it's not far from where I live, where as previously I had to drive to the city (1 hour) to buy such exquisite items.

I felt a little worried for them at first as I thought their position wasn't the best, and I didn't expect them to last. To my surprise and delight, after about 8 months Me & Mo were thriving and expanded their store to the two other shops next door.

They sell an abundance of awe inspiring provincial furniture including dining suites, buffet's, armoires and baker stands. Their homewares are also quite unique and of the highest quality. My favourite purchases have been pillows, baskets, photo frames, glass ware, linen, soaps and antique style cutlery. I currently have on order a gorgeous framed print called Ballooning over Paris to which I'll hang proudly in my office.

Today I bought a lovely wooden cutout of the word "Joy" as this was my late grandmothers name and I thought it would be perfect for my mum. I also needed something small to give to my childrens teachers and I found some absolutely beautiful monogrammed cotton teatowels and the sweetest little bird christmas decorations. I couldn't resist but pick up a couple for myself too ;)

It's not just the merchandise that makes this shop so special to me. It's the experience shopping there. All your gifts are beautifully wrapped, the whole store smells divine with the array of french soaps and Ella Fitzgerald or Billie Holiday plays ever so softly in the background. I could seriously dive in amongst it all and play all day lol.

On another personal note, my daughters school tee-ball team won their grand final yesterday 15 - 10 and I couldn't be more proud of my baby girl :)


Alkemie said...

Hi Anna, I love looking at photos of stores. Thank you for sharing one of your favorites, it looks lovely. I really like the blue wrapping with Red ribbons. Congrats on your daughter's win. Her team certainly won buy a good margin ^_^

All Things Bright and Beautiful... said...

Oh anna - mo is a gorgoeus store! - Its so nice that they let you take photos!!

your bebe - is not so little !

NAME: CIELO said...

Hi Anna...thanks for sharing those pictures... I too love french provincial decor...and that's a gorgeous store I just wish it was here... :)

Enjoy the Season

Cielo said...

Hi Anna,

I love the French Provincial look also, Thank you for sharing such lovely decor.

By the way, you little girl is a cutie!! Congrats on her winnings!!

xoxo Jeannene

AnastasiaC said...

what a gorgeous store!! we need more like this in Sydney!