Thursday, December 13, 2007

Love, Love, LOVE!

While surfing around I came across a post by the All The Best blog about the ever glamourous interior designer Jan Showers. To me, Jan Showers style is very similar to Jessica McClintock. Elegant, traditional yet timeless. She has several trademarks including these exquisite Murano glass lamps.

When I saw this picture I gasped and got butterflies in my tummy. It is so beautiful to me for so many reasons. I love the neutral background complete with french chair. I love the mirrored chest reflecting the perfect hue of colour and light that surround it. I LOVE the stunning turquoise glass lamp dominating the space, and finally, look, there's even a touch of pink! I'd love to frame this pic and admire it everyday.

Some people would call me crazy but it's incredible how some images of an interior space can literally take my breath away.

If you missed All the bests post about Jan Showers check out her website, another visual paradise...

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AnastasiaC said...

thanks for all the links...i love interior inspirations! that lamp base is stunning - it just pops amongst the neutrals!

All Things Bright and Beautiful... said...

Dear Anna - You are so funny I have to laugh - loved your comment on my post ! How did the lottery ticket go? Glamorous has offered to move in as room mates !!
This is a beautiful post thank you.
I have been over 3 times but havent been able to leave a comment - the comments thing wouldn't open. Do you have an email address on your about me page?

Southern Heart said...

Beautiful inspiration...the links are wonderful, too!

Butterflies in the tummy are always a sign of true love! :)

xo, Andrea

Alkemie said...

The lamps are gorgeous. I really love glass and the color divine. The links are inspirational!