Sunday, December 23, 2007

Cards at Christmas...

If there's one thing I love, it's giving, receiving and collecting beautiful cards of all seasons. This Christmas season is no exception and the stunning array of cards available absolutely blow my mind.
To me, a meaningful handwritten card is just as good as any gift. Even more so in some cases. Especially if someone actually takes the time in choosing a card that they think the receiving person will truly appreciate or even go as far as making their own. I have yet to master the whole card making craft but it is on my list of things to do lol.
The card above was one I bought for myself. It was so beautiful I couldn't wait to see if someone would send it to me, I knew something this gorgeous belonged in a frame and on display. I bought an inexpensive gold timber frame and It now stands proudly on my bathroom vanity opposite my jar of baubles lol.

This card came from a company called Bug Art from the UK and I've often bought from their collections for many occasions. Check out their website for a feast of card beauty, especially their vignettes range :)

The next 6 vintage looking beauties are actually postcards I bought in a sweet little tin, made by the Cavallini & Co company in the US. Again I fell in love with these cards the moment I found them and although I've already posted my Christmas loot this year, I'll keep these for next year. I think receiving a christmas postcard instead of a traditional card would be quite quirky and a pleasant change from the norm. This company make a vast postcard collection including some stunning vintage Parisian scenes which I also had to have lol. I think these cards will make a great addition to my scrapbook. Again, their website is well worth a peek for anyone who loves stationary as much as I do :)

This sweet card was sent to me in the mail to promote a particular clothing store and I thought it was ever so cute.

These are some cute Aussie cards I sent to some overseas pals :)

(This is the sweet little card that came with my pressie)

Finally I had to show you a truly lovely gift my very good friend gave me for chrissy this year, considering we are on the subject of cards. This is an absolutely STUNNING card featuring every girls favourite subject, Shoes!, from Christopher Vine Designs, another of my favourite artists. I own many stationary and household items featuring his gorgeous artwork. My friend simply mounted and framed it and I LOVE IT! It's the perfect feature to hang in my "boudoir".
Thank you again Brook :)

I would also like to take this opportunity to wish ALL my new blogging pals a very happy and safe christmas and holiday season. Thank you so very much for making my new home at so welcoming and encouraging. I look forward to continually reading all your wonderful posts that fill me with so much enjoyment, inspiration and hope :)

Love Anna xox.


AnastasiaC said...

i love all these cards...the vintage looking ones are beautiful!
i too have that Susan promotion cute! and I also bought those Hallmark fairy cards to send out this year!
im such a papergoods fanatic!

All Things Bright and Beautiful... said...

Love that shoe - it is definitely worthy of a boudoir!!! :-)
Thanks for your lovely insightful comment on my Bethlehem post :-)

Hugs & take care & hope you're blogging over the hols :-)